La 5e édition du SiGMA Pitch est de retour en 2021. Plus de 100 startups seront sélectionnées pour présenter leurs produits et initiatives tout au long de l’événement. Chaque startup aura un petit stand SiGMA et ses membres pourront rencontrer les meilleurs investisseurs et mentors. Cependant, seuls les dix favoris des juges seront présents sur le terrain lors de la dernière étape du sommet. Augmentez vos chances de faire partie du top 100 en nous envoyant une vidéo d’introduction de 3 minutes lors de votre participation !




Stand gratuit de 1x1m incluant (frais d'impression et de mobilier inclus)


Invitation à des opportunités de réseautage premium pendant l'évènement SiGMA.


Présentation Startup Pitch pour dix finalistes - rencontrez les investisseurs sur scène.


SiGMA PR - magazines, site Web, newsletters, interviews.


Conseils gratuits et opportunités, grâce à des vétérans de l'industrie.


Nous vous mettrons personnellement en contact avec des clients potentiels et/ou des investisseurs.



Êtes-vous notre prochain juge ?

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SiGMA est plus qu’un événement ponctuel, c’est une plate-forme holistique réunissant des investisseurs et des startups sous un même toit, pour forger des liens et établir des relations durables. Si vous souhaitez être présentés, veuillez contacter Emily : [email protected]

Tiffany Xingyu Wang


Rob Dowling

Managing Partner

Alexander Gusev

Anthony Grech

Tugce Ergul



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2nd Life

2nd LIFFE is a B2B software company serving the gambling operators (the “brokers”) with virtual financials prices plus user interfaces via which their customers play.  2nd LIFFE is bringing a new betting vertical to the gambling market, virtual financials betting. As virtual sports betting has proliferated since its introduction to the gambling fraternity, virtual financial betting can equally perform as well. 

Airhead Ventures Ltd

The Panthera platform is a small agile and resilient platform, focused on casino operators. This platform is ideal for small and midsize operators that want something running with the essentials at an affordable cost. Our platform is built without any legacy structure hanging on.  We run everything in a Kubernetes orchestration, with a very high concurrency. We are break even since we also run Tech consultancy and software development for non-competitive customers. 

Chainvision Games

Allow artists from around the world and as well as games to integrate with NFT- marketplace and mint their NFTs.  Chainvision Games are on Blockchain and use NFTs in the game as this gives them an edge over Fortnite, and we will be creating a high-end graphic addictive gaming experience that gives an edge over Axie Infinity.   NFT-Marketplace will act as a hub and all the in-game items sold will be through.   

Charge AB

Charge gives you the power to automate your career by letting us take care of your invoices, payments, taxes and more.   Charges automates and streamlines your income from gaming without you worrying about getting paid in time, sending reminders or making sure that you paid the correct taxes. We make sure that you can focus on your career fully and all you need is an account on the platform.   Charge helps gamers by automating and streamlining their income.                       


L'équipe de développement commercial s'est concentrée sur l'intégration de la crypto-monnaie Dash dans les opérations iGaming. Nous tirons parti des vitesses de transaction et de règlement élevées de Dash, du risque de refacturation de 0% et des taux de change améliorés pour améliorer les 

résultats financiers de nos clients. De plus, en étant connecté au Dash DAO, nous aidons à promouvoir et à commercialiser les nouvelles entreprises acceptant Dash. www.Dash.org 

Ethical Ad Group

We offer a unique approach to digital marketing that enables you to exclude under 18s and problem gamblers from your advertising activity. Essentially offering operators greater compliance but without the cost.  Our unique approach to excluding under 18s and problem gamblers leads to significant improvements in cost per acquisition. It also enables far greater scale which in a heavily competitive market produces a significant uplift. With the Swedish and UK Gaming Authorities becoming evermore stricter on marketing materials and the protection of vulnerable audiences operators can show added compliance but without the cost. 


Finrax est votre partenaire de confiance pour accepter les crypto-monnaies pour votre entreprise. Plus de 100 millions d'euros traités à ce jour pour des marchands de jeux comme vous. Recevez des paiements B2B et C2B transfrontaliers des PSP, des affiliés et des joueurs.

Gamecast Group

The most authentic omnichannel experience, where users go through a converging experience across the Mass Market and Digital channels all at once.  Gamecast Group created a unique Sports Betting TTL format in the highly regulated Italian market by adjusting their product to the current Marketing and Advertising restrictions imposed by the Ban.


GATACA is a cybersecurity company that provides compliant and secure decentralized digital identity technology.  Includes credential issuance tools for Issuers (GATACA Certify) and single-sign-on authentication tools for Service Providers (GATACA Connect).   


LEET is a gamified social platform for amateur footballers.  LEET allows you to find friends and players for your weekly recreational games, whilst engaging users through community by using the best practices developed by mobile video games. It monetizes by organizing games, through in-app user purchases and from licensing and sponsorship with partners.   LEET taps into gaming engagement loops that have proven successful in building a 2.5 billion user market, and applies these to in real life football games amongst your friends and colleagues.  LEET will use user generated content to create social experiences around amateur regional teams and tournaments, avatars and profiles, branded rewards and challenges as well as embracing modern opportunities such as social tokens and NFTs. By pairing the world's most popular sport and the world's most popular pastime, LEET will build a unique digital global experience that thinks global and acts local.  We are seeking companies and organizations that have employees in Malta who enjoy football to test our BETA product. Thereby allowing us critical user experience at both an individual and team level. Football can be a great team bonding and social experience, and we are helping companies organize games through our platform. 


Moonbet is bringing the concepts of community ownership and decentralization, two themes prevalent in the rise of cryptocurrency, to the world of iGaming.  With cryptocurrency becoming massively adopted, Moonbet is laying the future for a premium platform that is for Moonbettors, by Moonbettors.   


"NOTO is a complete solution for all financial crime threats. We help our customers to comply with all regulatory requirements when it comes to AML, fraud prevention, promotion abuse and responsible gaming.  NOTO helps gambling operators tackle the complex challenges of transaction and user monitoring, while achieving low false positive and fraud rates.   

Racing Stars LTD

Racing Stars is a B2B2C pool betting company with a peer-to-peer betting system which puts responsible gambling first.
Brand new points style pool betting option for Horse Racing with a heavy emphasis on responsible gambling and increasing social engagement between customers. 
 By limiting the stakes and using our unique points algorithm we are able to level the playing field to maximize enjoyment and participation for everyone regardless of their level of expertise. The ability to create your own mini leagues and in time allocate league specific prizes and entry levels mean that it will appeal to the general office environment who enjoy activities such as fantasy football. Most of the people playing along are doing it purely for the 'office banter' and comradery rather than to win outright.  By utilizing the fact horse racing gives daily results in a timely fashion rather than waiting until game day for points to change we expect players who join in to begin to have more of an interest in the sport itself in time. With the reforms being introduced by the UK government regarding affordability we at Racing Stars believe we are ahead of the curve and ready to capture the imagination of fresh punters as well as those who already bet regularly. 


A Deep Tech startup providing bleeding-edge data-driven solutions aimed at boosting sportsbooks’ revenue and customer engagement.

Rubik Talent Ltd

Software Development  The Rubik Software Development programme combines expert training and support programmes with professional experience working as a Consultant with one of our leading industry clients.  You will have the opportunity to develop your skills in a number of languages such as Java, Python, Net and JavaScript frameworks.  Your journey will begin with several weeks of intensive training to prepare you for your role with our clients. During this time, you will have the opportunity to work on simulated real-world projects. We take advatage of modern methodologies including agile and scrum to deliver a 'real-world' environment.  This learning environment coupled with our continuing support will ensure you can develop your skills and career at speed.  The Rubik Data Engineering & Machine Learning Programme will provide you with specialist training to prepare you to work with our industry leading clients.  First, you will learn the tools, concepts and technigues needed to become a data professional. You will then develop sophistication with data analytics and data engineering. Adavnced training will delve into machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

The Metaverse Cooperative

We are building a family of gamers who will have the opportunity to learn and develop in the Metaverse play-to-earn economy.  Currently professional eSports players are very few in existence in relation to the size of the video game industry .  We remove the barrier to entry for gamers worldwide by lending Play to Earn gaming accounts for a profit share. 

We invest in an ever growing and highly diversified NFT portfolio of gaming assets, art, and rare collectibles. 
We leverage our Blockchain expertise to facilitate brands and artists to reach new audiences. 
We're here to guide you through all the complexities that come with venturing into the metaverse. 
We empower players with NFTs & axie infinity scholarships.  By sharing profits when gaming using TMC NFTs our players compete to win & rank highly by battling in axie infinity.  Whilst we remain bullish on Axie we practice play-to-earn arbitrage to get the best returns in the future. 

Wall Street Football

Wall Street Football is the first B2B supplier of a platform for investing, betting, and trading on the real performances of football players.  WSF core-asset is a fully-automated mathematical and statistical model integrated with machine learning for analyzing data and forecasting future player achievements and actions.     

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Bethereum est une solution de paris sociaux innovante basée sur la technologie blockchain. Conçue pour relever les principaux défis des paris conventionnels, elle offre une multitude de fonctionnalités et d'améliorations uniques. Leur objectif est de développer un écosystème plus large, en commençant par les paris sportifs, et d'établir le jeton Bether comme une norme du marché des paris.



Sukesh Kumar Tedla


L'impartialité de SiGMA nous a donné l'occasion de présenter notre innovation Blockchain et IA sur la scène mondiale.

Jean-Michel Azzopardi


Kralanx / SiGMA est de loin le salon professionnel le plus convivial, en particulier pour les startups, auquel j'ai assisté. Je suis éternellement reconnaissant de pouvoir travailler aux côtés de l'équipe SiGMA.

James J. Attard


SiGMA rassemble les startups et les investisseurs sous un même toit, guidant ainsi toutes les parties prenantes de l'iGaming vers plus de succès.

Daniele Bernardi

Diaman Partners

Partenaires Diaman / Les événements SIGMA sont toujours une excellente occasion de réseauter et de découvrir des personnes intéressantes et des idées commerciales incroyables.

Rupert Barksfield


Pynk Gagner / Le Start Up Pitch a été un énorme coup de pouce pour notre entreprise, la couverture a été internationale.


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