AGA urges lawmakers to open up casinos and use digital payment methods

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57% of the customers who visited the casino in the past 12 months believe that contactless payment methods in the casino are very important to them

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has announced a new ‘Payments Modernisation Policy Principles’ including 7 regulatory proposals, which are intended to provide a framework for regulatory changes to promote the digital payment be allowed in physical after COVID-19.

Bill Miller states that digital payments have increased transparency for law enforcement in anti-money laundering and other financial regulations.

The document was published last night, mainly for American commercial casinos, but it can also provide guidelines for the reform of global casinos. AGA revealed that 57% of the customers who visited the casino in the past 12 months said that due to the epidemic, the current digital payment or contactless payment methods in the casino are now very important to them.

AGA President and CEO Bill Miller said: ‘These principles provide a framework for decision makers to adopt modern payment methods and promote industry progress. On the one hand, digital payment options can provide customers with more advanced and responsible gaming tools, For example, quota setting and expenditure monitoring also paved the way for further innovation in responsible gaming.’

‘These measures also provide convenience for consumers to pay in integrated resorts and daily consumption in the customary way. Finally, digital payments have increased transparency for law enforcement in anti-money laundering and other financial regulations.’

COVID-19 has brought health and safety to the forefront of payment modernization discussions. As the US CDC encourages contactless payments, there is now a more urgent need than ever for customers to choose their most comfortable method of payment.’

AGA’s seven proposals to legislators and regulators are as follows:

AGA has announced a new ‘Payments Modernisation Policy’ including 7 regulatory proposals.

1.Equip customers with more tools to enable them to bet responsibly.

2.Provide customers with payment options and convenience.

3.Ensure that the law provides flexible regulatory methods that can keep up with the evolving forms of digital payment.

4.Address customer concerns about public health issues.

5.Make customers confident in the security of digital payment.

6.Create a unified regulatory environment for casino operators, suppliers and regulators.

7.Authorize the law enforcement department to screen offenders more effectively through digital payment analysis.

In addition, AGA also released the rationale behind each principle and recommendation.

According to AGA research, due to the popularity of COVID-19, 59% of tourists who visited casinos in the past year have not used cash payment methods in their daily lives, and 54% said they will prefer digital or contactless payment methods in casino.

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