Autorite Nationale des Jeux announces three year strategic plan

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The French regulator, ANJ, has drawn up a strategic plan to clarify its vision, highlighting five pillars of regulation

The Autorite Nationale des Jeux (ANJ) has published their three year strategic plan, focusing on the future of regulation in France and how the regulator will bring value to players.

The newly proposed objectives look to update France’s gambling laws and standards but it may take longer to implement than the specified three years.

The five key areas that ANJ are focusing on for 2021-2023 are:

1. To build a ‘value-bringing’ regulator to support a viable recreational gaming market

The regulatory body will aim to develop and implement specific regulations that include preventive, perspective, control and sanction actions.

This key pillar will be drawn up with the interests of the operator at heart – by making sure their practices are compliant with certain regulations and also giving them the ability to trust their customers. By enabling trust between operator and customers will also strengthen player safety.

Five pillars of regulation

2. Player comes first

According to ANJ, almost one in two French people are gamblers. Therefore, gambling is a huge hobby and ANJ must capitalise on this. The regulator will look at social networks to look for these players and develop an understanding of their knowledge of the game.

By being able to understand the customer, ANJ will be able to tackle the problem gambling in the country as 1.4 million players are classed as vulnerable to problem gambling.

To protect these players and also underage users is a priority for the authority.

3. Building innovative regulation

The regulator must implement a culture surrounded by innovation, both in regulation and operation, to keep up with new game offerings and promotional strategies

4. Promoting a European vision of gambling regulation

ANJ aims to play a leading role in European and International cooperation as the battle against money laundering and illegal gambling is addressed at this level.

5. Strengthening the community

Being a regulator requires a well oiled team that works well together and does not crack under pressure. ANJ is looking to create an efficient and effective team while attracting new talent to strengthen the team and ultimately, it’s working community.

ANJ will look to establish a unified strategy and take regulation in France to the next level.

Source: ANJ


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