Betting on Esports

Posted:: Oct 08, 2020 16:38 Category: Posted by Maria

With recent booms in the Esports sector partly fueled by the recent pandemic one can only wonder what’s next for the long time lingering market

Esports has been on the tip of every operator and affiliate’s tongue for the past couple of years but when does this market become mainstream. Though some affiliates and operators are already raking it in here it hasn’t yet hit the main betting and traffic channels, why is this?

Let’s look at the market so far, some of the larger events in Esports just attract a different crowd then those of the premier league. The Esports generation are more interested in the competition then the gamble but this is slowly changing, with many companies creating the Betfair of Esports with players wagering against each other it’s only a matter of time before this becomes mainstream and players find themselves looking to bet on Esport.

The challenges of HR in esportsThat being said it’s the competitive nature of Esports which will be its own catalyst into the gambling world, however there are many hurdles yet to be seen. For one when looking at the premier league this is an established market with rules and authorities dating a century whilst Esports being relatively new, many authority figures are yet to come into the market. Who says the game wasn’t fixed or the player was involved in their own betting? This is a real fear for both punters and operators and once the market gains enough momentum it will certainly self regulate, the question remains however how big does that momentum need to be. The recent pandemic has had a lot of people move online and with products like twitch and youtube fueling the online gaming sector its only a  matter of time before the terms and domains become saturated. 

The above said what do players expect looking at conversion currently the internet holds huge search queries for sports both in relation to the games but competition and FAQs however is that market convertible towards betting? This is yet to be seen but one can see with the current video games market estimated at 200 Billion Dollars by 2023 currently half that of the global gambling market though majorly interesting to many operators who would certainly benefit from a very small piece of this pie were these two markets collide. 

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