Casino workers in Caleta Olivia Argentina fearing job loss over casino reclosing

Posted:: Aug 21, 2020 11:06 Category: Land-Based , Americas , Posted by Maria

During the pandemic, Caleta Olivia’s workers, received 25% of their regular salary, with an additional 50% that came from ATP

Back in March, Argentina experienced a wave of abrupt closing of casinos and bingo businesses because of COVID-19.

Casino Club Caleta Olivia was one of the casinos that closed its doors nearing the end of the mentioned month, when the preventive confinement was imposed in the region.  When July came, along with more bingo and casinos, it re-opened, only to be shortly dictated to close by the governor Alicia Kirchne, because of more concerns regarding the future spread of the virus. Casino workers, as they did back in March, are now showing concerns again. 

Alicia Kirchner - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libreWorkers of the bingo halls and casinos showed their worries regarding their income and financial situation throughout the pandemic , after most of them, including Club Caleta Olivia’s workers, received 25% of their regular salary, with an additional 50% that came from the Program of Emergency Assistance of Work and Production (ATP).

This has left them in a compromised situation, now fearing that it will all repeat itself after the newest closing. 


Regarding the reopening of the casino in July, the installations were opened from 2pm till midnight, with security and sanitary measures being imposed, such as the disinfection of the machines and prohibition of selling alcoholic drinks.

Games such as roulette and blackjack were inaccessible during this reopening and the casino could only offer 150 gaming machines, half of the ones available, due to the security distance being imposed, further disabling the casino’s usual earnings, which then related to the decrease of their worker income 

The future situation of Caleta Olivias Casino is still uncertain as well as the rest of Argentina’s gaming businesses which are experiencing a possible reclosing.

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