(Correction) Croatian businessman sues Mayfair Casino for £250,000

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Juste Puharic, from Croatia, is suing Park Lane Club in Mayfair for £250,000 over claims he is due “contractually entitled” commission after gambling a shocking £27 million ($35.5m) in just five days.

Retraction & Clarification: We refer to the image of Juste Puharic’s lawyer, Mr Marc Traube, a partner of Karam, Missick & Traube LLP, which regrettably was used erroneously for the 2 images within this article instead of Juste Puharic’s. This may have been misleading and we have removed Mr Traube’s image from both pictures.

Despite winning £1.5m ($1.98m), the high-roller player Juste Puharic has decided to sue the Mayfair operator over claims that he only wagered the vast amount of cash on a roulette table on the basis that he would receive 0.9% commission on his stakes on the house no matter if he won or lost.

The 51-year-old player further argues that the commission was simply a tactic implemented by Park Lane Club in order to encourage hm to gamble more.  

Mr. Puharic’s spokesperson, Chrisopher Bamford, told London’s High Court that his client was identified by the casino as a valuable player “whom it wished to attract to gamble at the club”. 

Operator Park Lane Club has disputed the claim brought forth by Mr. Puharic over the gambling binge which occurred between the 26th May and 30th May 2015.  

Speaking on behalf of the Park Lane Club owners, Guy Olliff-Cooper assured there was no formal exclusive offer being made but the casino may have said it:would do its best to be competitive and would therefore consider matching terms that Mr. Puharic received elsewhere”. 

He added: 

park lane casinoCasinos use a variety of incentives to attract customers. The defendant’s position is simply that it never made him this matching offer. 

The defendant did not offer to match or better the incentives that Mr. Puharic received at other Mayfair casinos,

Guy Olliff-Cooper concludes by stating the claim should be called off, arguing that ‘This action should be dismissed.’ 

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