Demand for sports betting on the rise as jobs are scarce in Congo

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The government in the Democratic Republic of Congo is discussing ways to properly regulate laws to promote responsible gambling

In the Democratic Republic of Congothere is an absence of a Gaming Authority or another special body regulating gaming, instead, the Government itself is in charge of regulation. However, this doesn’t mean that gaming there is not regulated.  In an article published on e-play Africa, Adeleye Awakan delves deeper into this topic.

Gambling in Congo has been legal since 2005, and all ‘games of chance’ have been regulated such as lotteries, slots and other games. There is no official framework in place for licensing online gambling sites, as this is not much of a priority for them at this point in time.  

The licensing process is virtual non-existent, as a result, there is quite an uncertainty of the level of protection on online land-based casinos for players in Congo. Nevertheless, going for more reputable brands that offer games and considering their standing in the industry and their reputation on how they handle players is the best option for gamblers even though they aren’t licensed in the country.  

Sports betting is also legal in Congo and is a monopoly of the state-run SONAL, with 60% of the Congolese national lottery owned by SONAL and the remaining 40% in private hands, with proceeds from running it after winnings been paid out utilised to fund socio-economic activities and causes that serve the public interest.  

Congo has never been one of Africa’s hottest gambling spots, but it is home for enthusiastic football fans, as sports, particularly football is very popular in the country.  

The popularity of sports betting is growing rapidly in the country, mostly common among the young Congolese populationAccording to a local news report, Pari-foot,” is a local slang for football betting in DRCand has been a source of living for most people in the country. At dawn, a flock of football fans are found at betting shops across Kisangani, the Capital of DRC’s, Tshopo province hoping to win big on gambling. 

According to a 2015 (IMF) International Monetary Fund report, 43% of the active working-age population is unemployed. The Government in Congo is not creating enough jobs, making employment opportunities scarce for its young and rapidly growing workforceand as a result, they turn to a different income in order to survive. 

In line with this, poorly enforced laws, unemployment, and football widespread are the significant causes of underage gambling in the central African country. However, the Congo government is discussing ways to properly regulate the country’s gambling laws, enforcing on operators to promote responsible gambling and to avoid underage gambling in the country. 

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