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Royal Pay Europe is a European financial company that provides e-payments, acquiring and card payments

 The structure of the company includes the following subsidiaries:

Non-bank credit institution NETWORK CLEARING HOUSE in Russia – licence of the Central Bank of Russia 3332-K.

Payment service provider OPTATUMPLATFORM in South Korea – licence of the Central Bank of South Korea 02-04-0013, as well as a representative office in Nigeria.

Royal Pay is:

  • Acquiring on favorable terms by local currency in the CIS, Russia and Asia.
  • High level payment conversion.
  • Currency exchange.
  • Making payments to the details you specified.
  • Prevent fraudulent transactions with PCI DSS Level 1.
  • Provide customers with the most convenient payment methods.
  • More than 1 million transactions per day.

Our strengths:

  • Offices around the world;
  • Integration with more than 15 acquiring banks and more than 20 alternative payment methods;
  • Customer focus and 24/7 support, more than 100 satisfied traders in various fields;
  • Monitoring transactions 24/7;
  • Individual manager for each client;
  • Its own fraud system;
  • Easy to implement API;
  • Professional technical team.

We breathe payment processing. Make the right choice. Join Royal Pay and breathe with us.

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