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James Ashton, Head of Content at, talks about how new online casinos can maximise their relationships with affiliates

One of the best things about running an affiliate business in the online casino sector is the sheer number of new brands that launch every year.

Due to the hugely competitive nature of the industry, new online casinos need to offer the best possible player experience in order to compete with their more established rivals.

Most do, bringing exciting designs and themes, huge game portfolios, innovative features and never seen before concepts to the market and to players in particular.

But these new brands face challenges – from regulation and compliance to payments and more – but one of the biggest is driving brand awareness among players.

This is where affiliates come in to play, providing a cost-effective way of acquiring players that means operators do not have to invest heavily up front and essentially pay for what they get.

So how can new online casinos maximise the potential of working with affiliates?

Offer attractive deals

Online casino brands, whether new or established, must offer attractive commercial deals for affiliates in order for them to be fairly rewarded for the players they send.

It must be remembered that while affiliate partnerships mean operators do not have to invest heavily up front, the affiliate does – both in terms of resources and money.

We have had instances where a new casino brand has contacted us and asked to list on our site, only for them to be entirely unaccommodating when it came to working out a deal.

As a relatively new online casino affiliate, we understand the need to strike deals that work for both parties but at the same time, they have to fairly reward us for the work we do.

Don’t ask for a homepage listing

I have lost count the number of times I have been asked by an affiliate manager to put their online casino brand at the top of our homepage.

The irony is that our homepage is not one of our high traffic pages and if the affiliate manager had researched our site properly, they would know this.

If you do want to be on the top of the homepage, or any other page on the affiliate’s site, you need to offer something in return, even if it’s just a slightly higher rev share percentage.

Not everyone does this.

Work with affiliates on content

For some affiliates, content is one of the most important components of their site and plays a significant role in driving players from the search engine results pages.

We often ask our casino partners to work with us on content, using their knowledge and expertise to provide unique insights and information to our readers.

Those that do are featured more prominently within our content and as a result are among our top-converting partners. And all it takes is for them to answer a couple of quick questions.

Keep in contact:

Regular contact is absolutely the best way to maximise the relationship between a new online casino and its affiliate partners – we speak to some of ours on a weekly basis.

This allows us to keep up to date with any developments at the casino which in turn allows us to create new content to promote the brand to our players.

It also makes for a more collaborative relationship where both parties feel connected and equally valued. Whether email, Skype or WhatsApp, all it takes is a quick message.

If new online casinos take this into consideration, they will be able to fully maximise the potential of working with affiliates and in turn drive new player sign ups and brand awareness to the next level.


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