Good news for sports betting: Brazilian football returns to the pitch

Posted:: Jun 24, 2020 17:10 Category: Posted by Maria

The State of Rio de Janeiro Football Federation confirmed the return of football tournaments 

Following several debates about when the greatest passion of Brazilians, football, should return to the pitches, Rio de Janeiro Football Federation (Ferj) confirmed the return of the tournament in Rio de Janeiro, providing individuals with a timetable for the rounds of the Rio Cup. With this great news, sports betting businesses can now return to their activities after the current global pandemic.

Marcelo Crivella, announced that some restrictive measures applied to control the pandemic in Rio de Janeiro will now be eased, including the return of sports activities. 

Marcelo Crivella, Rio de Janeiro’s mayor, last week, announced that some restrictive measures applied to control the pandemic in Rio de Janeiro will now be easedincluding the return of sports activities. 

During these difficult times, Brazilian sports activities were cancelled affecting sports betting in the country. However, the gradual return of Brazilian football teams in the pitch has whatever it takes to boost sports betting in the country again and can provide a lot of entertainment for football and sports enthusiasts. 

Flamengo had its first match last Thursday (18/06) at 9:00 pm, Brazilian time against Bangu, in the majestic Maracanã. Next Sunday (28/06), it will be Vasco’s turn to play, this time in a match against Macaé, in the famous São Januário. 

Brazilian states are also discussing this topic in their respective regions. The Catarinense Tournament for example, which takes place in the South of the country, is expected to have its activities back as early as next month. 

It is crucial to highlight that step by step, Brazilian football is returning to the pitches. This promises to boost sportsbook activities in the country, following examples from other countries that have already restarted. 

Football is Brazil’s greatest passion. Brailians also enjoy betting on sports, on both national or international tournaments. The sports betting industry is expanding more and more in the country and keeps conquering Brazilian fans. Sportsbook operators have placed large investments in Brazil, sponsoring big football clubs in the country and branding at diverse sports and media events in Brazil. 

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