How CRM and Big Data Breathed New Life into Online Gambling

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It may sound counter-intuitive, but the world of iGaming is experiencing a renascence in the area of personalisation thanks to amazing advancements in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and easy access to big data

Back in the days of automation and AI-driven interactions led you to receive from stock responses to questions and then grouped into rather awkward customer bundlesFar from these days, the latest generation of CRM ensures that you receive offers, game selections and customer support that best suits your tastes and needs. 

What is CRM? 

At its core, CRM software has a single purposemeeting the specific needs of the individual customer.  

This is exactly what our parents and grandparents aimed to achieve in their job roles every day, to get to know their customers well enough to deliver the best value for money. Over time they would then build up enough practice at it that they could anticipate the needs of new customers to enhance their buying experience. 

Modernday CRM software allows your favourite online casino to do exactly that. Based on your purchase history, gameplay and other pieces of information, they craft the best possible experience for you at their casino. 

Solutions such as Fast Track cover as wide an array of your needs as possible, helping casinos provide you with intelligent and useful information on: 

  • How to make a successful deposit
  • Providing relevant offers to keep you entertained 
  • Showing you appreciation and loyalty that suits you 
  • Offering the right rewards for the time and money you spend with them 
  • Advising on game providers with games that suit your play style 

The above is barely scratching the surface on how these pieces of software are able to allow a handful of customer care and marketing people to offer personalised and individualised support, insights and promotions to hundreds, if not thousands, of players at the same time. 

The value of Big Data 

For many people, the term Big Data conjures up images of some malevolent force having control over your personal information, but the reality could not be further from that image. Thanks to stringent international regulations such as the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), your personal information is perfectly safe and secure. 

In its simplest form, data collection by companies such as Facebook and Google amounts to you participating in a blind case study. The collected information informs various use cases; however, who you are is never directly linked to the information. 

This means that the data is available for trends analysis. CRM tools use these trends to extrapolate, which offers are receiving the most attention and outline gameplay improvements. Yet this is all achieved without ever linking your name and personal information to the information gathered. 

Much like the good old days when a salesperson would use 30 years of experience to anticipate your needs, this system learns from thousands of customers what they like, dislike, need and could care less about in order to make your experience an amazing one. 

Crafting the Perfect User Experience 

Like any first time meeting, you only get a few seconds to make a good impression online, and even then you need to keep putting your best foot forward until you have created a relationship. 

The best online casinos use their understanding of what a customer wants and needs to ensure that every step of your journey with them will be a positive one. 

  • A pretty face – Gambling websites are designed to be attractive to look at, easy to read and ensure all the necessary trust cues you are looking for are front and centre. This includes displaying their licences, providing access to safe gambling links, showing you which banking methods they offer and even listing their awards. 
  • A welcoming gesture – Welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, loyalty programs and promotions are all crafted from years of experience to ensure that you get value for money and the chance to engage with all that the casino has to offer. 
  • An attentive host – To ensure you have the best experience possible, CRM is utilised to offer you the best games and promotions. However, when you need to speak to someone, the top online casinos ensure that you have access to 24/7 support via Live Chat, email and even telephone. 

Current CRM and data-driven technologies allow the customer to decide how best to treat them, not an uninformed 3rd party as was the case in the past.  

Products such as BonusEngine by EveryMatrix has been key in ensuring their casino partners are able to craft unlimited reward options for their players while offering targeted campaigns with bonuses and content that matches their actions and choices in real-time.    

All of the above interaction points exist because you, and players like you, have told the casinos what it is you expect from them, and they’re listening. 

CRM and the Pursuit of Safe Gambling 

Relationship management is about seeing to all the needs of the customer, which has led to some amazing developments in the area of safe gambling and the protection of at-risk players. 

iGaming software giant, Playtech, has just announced a 5-year partnership with the Canada-based Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) where they will be working together to combat gambling addiction in software. Using their understanding of normal versus at-risk gambling behaviours, Playtech will begin to serve players safer gambling interventions aimed at stopping problem behaviours before they occur. 

CRM integration also lies at the core of successful self-exclusion programs such as those found in Sweden and Malta. Integrating these programs into the casino environment allows them to track and enforce player self-exclusion at all licenced casinos in that region.   

With leading gambling jurisdictions investing increasing amounts of time and money into protecting youth and at-risk players, AI-driven interventions and CRMdriven initiatives will become central to player support.  

The benefits of these integrated programs can already be seen with Sweden, showing a 4.1% increase in player self-exclusion and Denmark reporting record safe gambling responses to their player protection programs. 

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