How is Esports Betting different from Sports Betting?

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For people coming over after years of betting on sports, betting here can feel somewhat different. Esports shares many similarities with sports, so what are the key differences?

Betting in esports has grown exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic. As physical sports shut down due to the need for social distancing, esports continued in an online format. Esports betting, however, grew rapidly for many years. The pandemic only quickened its adoption and more and more people are slowly becoming familiar with esports betting.

Differences Between Sports and Esports Betting

What is the difference between esports and sports betting? Mercedes Benz has been a proud sponsor in many esports events.

Different Formats

eports vs sportsbettingTraditional sports tournaments often employ a league-based format. Most sports such as football, basketball, or cricket have a league format that allows teams the chance to earn their spot in playoffs. The league format allows team franchises to earn better profits while keeping the league interesting for fans.

In esports, there are many titles with robust competitive scenes like Dota 2, CS:GO, League of Legends, Overwatch and more. Traditionally, tournaments have used a mixture of league and knockout formats. The double-elimination GSL format is in use in many Dota 2 and CS:GO tournaments. Recently, Overwatch League and Call of Duty League used a league system. But esports is a combination of several titles, changing the betting field. So while some games may feature a league-based format, there are always others with different tournament structures.

Types of Bets

Traditional sports bets are usually limited to Money Line bets and a few handicaps. This limits the options available to bettors.

CS:GO is a first-person shooter game but there are smaller handicap bets available such as round handicaps, bomb plant handicaps, defuse handicaps and more. Traditional sports often limit themselves to the number of goals, baskets and total score. The variety in esports betting options gives users a chance to earn higher profits based on a well-timed and researched bet.

Fatigue and Injury

injury sportsSports holds a physical aspect to it as players are down on the field and physically participating in the game. The risk of injuries is significantly higher in sports. Players spending time off for the rest of the season is more common in sports than in esports and influences betting and odds.

There are esports-related injuries, but players can tackle these injuries with correct preventive measures. These include correct posture, hand and wrist exercises and regular workouts. Some of the top esports teams already have nutritionists and physiotherapists on their payroll for players. There are very few instances of players having to sit out the rest of the season due to injuries.

Unfortunately, fatigue is much more prevalent in esports. Players practicing several hours a day and poor fitness programs can often impact their health. Esports is also global in nature so players and teams often travel from one place to another. They can spend months away from home and the burnout of constant travel and playing often gets to young professionals.

Esports Betting

There are many similarities between sports and esports betting. Someone familiar with betting platforms should have no trouble diving into either. However, to earn good profits, they should have a better understanding of the game and its competitive scene.

Esports betting offers a wide variety of options and seasoned bettors can use these to their advantage. Esportz Network will soon provide a series of articles helping new esports bettors understand the scene.

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