Minister Schembri backs studies on Innovative Digital Games

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Minister of the Economy, Silvio Schembri, expressed his seal of approval that will see effort put into research and innovative digital games

Maltco Lotteries and the Institute of Digital Games have announced that they will be co-operating with each other on several research projects, as part of their corporate social responsibility.

The agreement, announced during a press conference, spans over a minimum of three years and aims to encourage and improve students’ skills in digital games in order to be able to secure, not just a sustainable career path, but a thriving one in this field.

The importance of having a sound educational school system was deemed to be of utmost importance for students to reach their full potential.

Minister Schembri, Minister of the Economy, said:

SiGMA iGAMING Conference 2019 Malta- silvio schembri - Minister for Economy, Investment and Small Businesses

“The industry has a thirst for the best of talents, and I will continue to ensure that all educational stakeholders spearheaded by the Gaming Malta Foundation continue to work hand -in-hand ensuring that Malta has a strong talent pipeline feeding into the industry.”

Also attending the press conference were Maltaco Lotteries CEO, Vaileios Kasiotakis, and the Rector of the University of Malta, both expressed their willingness to work together.

The gaming industry is still a relatively new industry with Malta being one of the first countries to lead by regulating the industry in 2001.

Gaming has since gained momentum and grown leaps and bounds in a few years; which has attracted more countries in the EU such as the Germany, Netherlands and Spain.

Given that it is in fact, still a relatively new industry, there is a great need the demand for people to be educated on it.

Due to the industry’s infancy, there is a great need for education.

SiGMA Group is always looking at new ways to boost the gaming industry, whether it’s through our global events or by bringing people from all walks of life together through our SiGMA Foundation.

After identifying another market gap in the gaming industry, SiGMA Group has decided to launch SiGMA College.

About SiGMA College

The SiGMA College offers a full portfolio of interactive eLearning courses free of charge, and will be an accredited and licensed venture. Key topics will leverage the company’s vast network and knowledge pool to build a number of courses highlighting opportunities in the gaming, blockchain, and emerging tech sector.

Stay tuned for more information on how you can strengthen your career within these industries.


  • High-Quality
  • Free quality content accessible to all
  • Provided by Industry leaders
  • Learn, discover and shape the future from the comfort of your own home
  • Interactive modules: put what you learnt to the test after each lesson
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Initiative benefits

It’s great to see the iGaming industry support educational initiatives. Through these types of initiatives, students skills will be enhanced especially when it comes to digital games.

This will help the opportunities available in the gaming industry and more students will be enticed to work in this field once achieving their qualifications, enhancing the quality of employees in the industry.

Source: TimesofMalta

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