More than half of Italy’s online gaming revenue for February attributed to sportsbook

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Revenue across all online verticals ticked up 4.6% from January

At a time when retail betting shops are closed, Italy experienced a boom in sportsbook performance exceeding January‘s record.

February marked another astounding month in 2021 for Italy’s betting revenue as the figures hit €351.2m.

Italy gaming revenueThe closure of all land-based betting shops in the country played a huge role in this 4.6% uptick compared to January of the same year. When compared to February 2020, the revenue was also up 94.8%.

When it comes to online casino, this was the third best month of all time.

The growth in revenue can be mostly attributed to sports betting as from €351.2m, more than half this figure, €185.5m came from sports betting.

Online casino revenue for February was down 12.3% month-on-month but up 83.1% year-on-year reaching €143.0m.

The revenue for poker also dipped from the prior three months but still went up 43.4% when compared to year-on-year revenue. Poker tournaments contributed €9.8m from the total revenue and cash games bridged in another €6.7m.

On the other hand sportsbook in Spain took a hit in revenue. This was because of the COVID pandemic as well as new restrictions imposed by the gambling regulator and Ministry for Consumer Affairs on gambling advertising.

Source: iGB

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