Nati Harpaz to become BridgerPay’s new Executive Director

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Nati Harpaz is joining BridgerPay as an Executive Director, where he will “join the mission to make payments easy for online businesses”

After leading, an eCommerce and marketplace platform which he grew from $200M to $1B+ in sales during his tenure, Nati Harpaz is joining BridgerPay as an Executive Director, where he will “join the mission to make payments easy for online businesses”.

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Nati has a background in Technology, Law and Business and is currently the Chairman of Octomedia, a leading B2B media company in Asia Pacific as well as director of, Australia’s leading B2B Marketplace platform. He also has significant experience in scaling up digital businesses and Fintech through his advisory role with as well as his various investments in digital companies.

“I am excited by the opportunity that BridgerPay is bringing to solve some big challenges for eCommerce operators. Many of my colleagues are now maintaining 5-8 different APIs to different payment platforms in order to accommodate their customer needs. What BridgerPay is doing is not only simplifying their integration but also helps them get more sales through using their Bridger AI Retry engine as well as provide them with consolidated reporting dashboards and ultimately improve the customer experience” says Harpaz.

“We are very proud and happy to onboard Nati Harpaz to BridgerPay as an Executive Director, in our mutual mission to make payments easy for online businesses. Bridger has saved our merchants over $20M in 2020 in declined transactions with our BridgerPay Retry solution and a record volume of over $500M. To date we have been focusing on Trading and Gaming platforms but we are now looking to expand into eCommerce merchants as well as SaaS and other online transaction industries. Nati brings with him significant experience in scaling up tech companies and together we plan to accelerate our go-to-market and become a major player in the payment technology space.” says Ran Cohen, the co-founder and CEO of BridgerPay.

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