New Casino Review Site, Casino Cabbie, Launches in US Markets

Posted:: Aug 21, 2020 15:16 Category: Casino , Americas , Posted by Sofya Puzhaykina

Casino Cabbie brings together a team of iGaming and industry experts to launch in the US Market

Casino Cabbie brings together a team of iGaming and industry experts, who have pooled their years of experience to raise the standard of US online casino comparison websites and execute their vision of “a truly exceptional online casino comparison site should be.”

Sharing more information about the new affiliate casino site, creator Alex Tester divulged that Casino Cabbie differentiates itself by offering unbiased, data-driven reviews with easily accessible information covering over 100 data points.

0 (6)This data is used in conjunction with a robust casino filter, which players can use to set certain criteria, automatically creating a bespoke list of suitable casinos. Furthermore, intelligent comparison lists enable Casino Cabbie to deliver more relevant information to players in a more digestible format than its competitors. Crucially enabling them to make truly informed casino choices based on reliable data and facts.

According to Casino Cabbie creator Alex Tester (picture on the left):

“We wanted to create a brand that people trust. And when you’re in unfamiliar territory (as many first-time online gamblers feel), who better to trust to show you around than a licensed cabbie? We felt that a New York cab driver’s exhaustive knowledge of streets and locations was the perfect analogy for the knowledge of online casinos we share on the site.”

Casino Cabbie brings together a team with over 20 years of combined iGaming industry experience, aiming to execute their vision of “a truly exceptional online casino comparison site should be”.

Tester added, ‘US players and visitors know only too well the complicated intricacies of the US gambling market, especially given the different laws and regulations in each territory. Still, until now, no US review site I’ve seen has taken on the monumental task of breaking down the US market from a data-based perspective. That’s the trail we are blazing with Casino Cabbie.’

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