Sekoia raises 10 million euros to quicken the showcasing of its network protection stage

Posted:: Oct 14, 2020 15:16 Category: Europe , Posted by Luke Scerri

Fundraising the French start-up which has gone from business consulting to software developments to anticipating cyber threats 

The French start-up has raised  €10 million to quicken the advertising and improvement of its arrangement, launched in January 2020. 

Established in 2008, Sekoia initiated its software in 2016, and dispatched its stage in January 2020. Advertised in SaaS mode, the software foresees and identifies digital dangers and computerizes reactions. After 10 years of self-sustainment, deep tech has at long last decided to raise funds in order to speed up the marketing of its platform and better the quality of its R&D teams. 

Focusing mostly on Europe, the start-up works mostly on cybersecurity with special focus on prevention, as CEO and co-founder Freddy Milesi explains for ‘anticipating threats and automating defences.’ Since cyberattacks are only on the rise, cybersecurity is a promising and much needed area of business. Compelled to survey their method of activity and set up teleworking rapidly because of 2020 restrictions, just 7% of makers felt that their network protection system was adequate during the pandemic crisis, as indicated by a Kaspersky report. 

This raising support should likewise empower it to select 20 to 30 individuals for designing, information researchers and deals positions in the following a half year so as to arrive at a workforce of around 100 individuals. 

This fundraising should also enable it to recruit around 20 to 30 people for engineering, data scientists, and sales positions, to reach a certain reliable workforce standard and gradually grow to around 100 people. 

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