Canadian senate hearing on single-event sports betting

Posted:: Jun 22, 2021 16:24 Category: Sportsbetting , Americas , Posted by Kevin

The bill seeks to legalize single-event sports betting on a federal level, while also providing a regulatory framework

CanadianSenateThe third revision of bill C-218, introduced by Senator Kevin Waugh (Conservative Party) and backed by the government, seeks to amend Canada’s Criminal Code concerning sports betting. If it passes, single-sports betting will be legalised. Under current Canadian law, sports betting is only legal over three or more events at once.

Single-sports betting is already seeing high activity outside of Canada’s legal framework. Including it, would therefore allow more regulatory interventions and provide significant tax revenue.

The first day of the third hearing passed without votes being cast, however remaining concerns regarding match-fixing were addressed and solutions offered. Single-sports events are more vulnerable to match-fixing, demanding a consistent framework for prevention.

Under the additional amendment proposed to accompany the bill, cheating in gambling, whether to win or to increase the chances of winning, will be treated as a criminal offence. It redefines cheating as any interference with the betting process, instead of only including fabricated wins.

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