Solitics assists Delasport and provides real-time data management capabilities that enable exponential growth

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Delasport generates substantial revenue growth with Solitics 

The Company:

Delasport is a software company that delivers a one-stop-solution for iGaming and online sports betting operators, including standalone turnkey solutions on a global scale.

The Challenges:

· Retention and marketing activities did not enable a full-scope process for the huge mass of data available.

· The company had a divided workflow and was not utilizing a collective channel for marketing activities.

· Intricate and personalized segmentation based on specific player behavior was not possible.

The Outcome:

Delasport has since seen an increase of over 25% in total deposits for its brands with close to 45% for first-time depositors (FTDs). This, along with a 25% increase in customer retention, has positively affected the company’s NGR and GGR. All of this was achieved and made possible with Solitics’ platform, which enabled correct and efficiently-executed player engagement.

Prior to partnering with Solitics, Delasport attempted collaborations with three other companies, none of which were able to scale with the company’s data growth, or leverage it in real-time, leading to cumbersome data overload.

The Company:

Delasport is an international software company that provides online sports betting & iGaming B2B software solutions to white-label operators and online bookmakers. Established in 2010, Delasport markets its turnkey and software solutions through operations across Europe and Asia.

image2The Challenges:

· Delasport did not utilize a complete marketing automation solution, which would enable robust data integration and real-time data management. Without such a solution in place, the company was unable to make use of the tremendous mass of data at its disposal.

· Delasport’s process incorporated manual and time-consuming methods for specific targeted marketing practices for promotions, campaigns, custom acquisition, and retention.

· The company’s manual processes did not allow for specific segmentation, or complete real-time personalization of the massive player-base involved in its labels.

These challenges led to the company’s inability to scale its client base at a desired rate, which is why Delasport turned to Solitics.

Delasport and Solitics have collaborated successfully in the past. Since 2018, Delasport has contracted Solitics to increase player conversion and retention. Seeing the successful increase across all defined parameters, Delasport added a B2B vertical to the partnership, including a white-label solution for sports-betting operations in branches across Europe and Asia. By offering Solitics’ solution as part of its B2B package, Delasport’s clients are able to significantly increase their players’ conversion and retention rates.

’’With such a rich diversity of resources which combine a variety of different data sources, Solitics’ platform enables us to utilize all the data that we have on our sports-betting operators in real-time,’’ stated, Eli Moscovich, VP Strategic Partnerships in Delasport.

The Solitics Solution:

With Solitics, Delasport saw an increase of 25% in total deposit amounts.

The Solitics platform provided Delasport with critical capabilities:

· Richer data integration & insights:

Solitics’ full attribution of ALL the data sources and marketing channels within the Delasport organization enabled Delasport to immediately consume data and make data-driven decisions, offering its users personalized promotions in real-time, leading to increased customer retention and conversion rates.

· Easy planning, management, and implementation of customer journeys:image1

Solitics provided Delasport with immediate, visual, behavior-based customer journey capabilities, promoting easier and more seamless customer journey data management. All this, while ensuring marketing and sales teams could instantly understand what software and which offers were the best fit for each customer.

· A-Z marketing process management and execution:

The Solitics platform allowed Delasport to accurately segment its clients and communicate with them via multiple channels in real-time, including: SMS, email, push notifications, and website pop-ups from a single location.

Solitics supports new channels and providers when the need arises, which helps Delasport’s clients target customers in new regions.

The Outcome – By the Numbers:

Using Solitics to manage its data and automate its marketing, Delasport achieved significant increases in key customer metrics. The company continues to grow, with Solitics’ real-time marketing automation platform serving as a major factor driving:

· 25% increase in total deposits; 45% increase in FTDs

· 37% increase in GGR

· 25% increase in customer retention rate

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