Sports Betting: Sports Betting Trends for 2021

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The world of sports betting is dynamic characterised by high-speed revolutions

A betting concept may trend in one season but quickly lose significance in the next. The accessibility of emerging trends has been made easy by the massive use of the internet and smartphones globally.

Emerging trends always seek to offer gamblers improved gaming and betting experiences and the top bookmakers like the ones listed on always race each other to present the best possible offers. Today, sports betting fanatics are now on the lookout for the upcoming trends for 2021. Some of the emerging trends have already set in, and gamblers believe they will soon dominate the market in the forthcoming season.

Here is a detailed look at some of the emerging trends that are giving sports betting a new twist.

ESports have exploded during the quarantine period and it seems they will keep the momentum going

ESports or electronic sports has stepped into the sports betting spotlight, and its use seems to have exploded during the quarantine period. The rate at which gamblers are adopting this trend shows that they will keep the momentum going over the next few seasons.

The uncertain happenings of 2020 have negatively affected most sectors, including sports. There have been a pause and postponement of live professional matches that most gamblers anticipated to punt on. This pause, coupled with containment measures, has made betting fanatics resort to other forms of sports betting.

ESports is one of the sports categories that has significantly captured the attention of bettors in 2020. Although not a new trend in the sports gaming industry, eSports still has unique originality and offers a thrilling gaming experience enough to make it trend far. Now more than ever, punters seem to focus much on betting on competitive teams in the eSports world.

This trend is not only on the rise in the UK but also in different parts of the world. The fact that eSports can be accessed over multiple electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers makes it a preference for many gamblers worldwide. Additionally, the continuous release of new eSports has created a wide selection of exciting games for the punters to enjoy. Therefore, the ease of accessibility, coupled with a wide selection of games, are some of the driving forces pushing the eSports trend forward. Gamblers who are yet to adopt this trend should try it out today and join the rest of the global bettors in exploring a new and exciting betting category.

Player tracking – the new hype in sports and useful data for bettors

Player tracking is another emerging 2021 trend in sports betting, that is rapidly gaining popularity. Though not as widespread as esports, it is a source of useful data for bettors and therefore, it is worth looking at.

This emerging trend is based on the fact that bettors can track a player’s fitness and activity data in real-time. It is now easy to get players’ fitness data thanks to the many fitness trackers available in the market today. So, how exactly does getting players’ fitness data help gamblers?

Having real-time factual data on a player or players guides gamblers in making well-informed gambling decisions. They will have plenty of helpful information at their fingertips, which they can manipulate to place a winning bet.

Although not many punters are conversant with this new trend, it is slowly picking up and spreading among the curious bettors. It is among the latest trends that will dominate the sports betting market come 2021. Gamblers who are always on the lookout for new trends have probably come across this one and are utilising it to derive maximum benefits. Player tracking is set to give the world of sports betting a new twist. It will change the way bettors analyse their betting data.

Last-minute betting – easier in these uncertain times

Last-minute betting is another emerging trend that is steadily gaining popularity among a good number of online gamblers.

Different gamblers have different levels of skills in this field. Some of them are quick in making their predictions and placing bets even before a match starts. On the other hand, others are usually uncertain of how the events will unfold. Therefore, they prefer placing their bets at the last minute. Last-minute betting has become one of the best trends for people leading busy lifestyles. They are now able to place their bets minutes after a match has started. Probably even towards its end.

Additionally, the recent technological evolutions and advancements in sports betting have made it much easier for punters to adopt this last-minute betting trend. Most online sportsbooks have now incorporated this concept into their systems. They allow gamblers to place their last-minute bets remotely using their smartphones, computers or other compatible devices.

Other than the busy people, this trend is attractive to newbies. In most cases, newbies are not sure of their bet predictions until the game approaches its last minutes. Therefore, they get enough time to study the match proceedings before placing their bets. Last-minute betting makes the entry of newbies into the world of sports betting easier. By placing last-minute bets, bettors can enjoy high odds and increase their probability of winning.

Free-Bets and Bonuses help newbies

Free bets and bonuses are perhaps the most exciting trends in 2021. They allow gamblers to bet without placing their hard-earned money at risk.

Most online bookmakers are now using this trend to offer their new and loyal gamblers regular free-bets and bonuses. In most cases, newbies signing up in a sportsbook are most likely given a welcome bonus or some free bets. These bonuses and free bets vary from one sportsbook to another.

Newbies seem to benefit much from this trend as they get a chance to familiarise themselves with the betting site as they expound their skills without risking their money. However, gamblers should be cautious enough when betting using bonuses and free bets. They should keep in mind that their potential earnings may be subjected to various wagering requirements per the site’s terms and conditions.

Despite this trend having numerous advantages, especially for the newbies, they should first read and understand the sportsbook’s wagering requirements before placing their bets.

Betting sites providing more and more live streams

Many betting sites are now using live streams to give their users a more thrilling betting experience. It allows the bettors to have a live view of the events of the match as they unfold.

Although live streaming has been in use for years, most sportsbooks have now spiced it up by adding a live betting option. This option allows gamblers to place bets after a match has started.

Live streams and live bets give punters the ultimate pleasure of betting flexibility, a more exciting experience and increased chances of winning. Today, the sports betting market is flooded with hundreds of sportsbooks, most of which offer live stream services on a good number of sports events. However, choosing the best site among the many options available may be overwhelming.

It is clear that there is still more to expect from the world of sports betting in the coming year, and technology seems to be the driving force behind most of the emerging trends. Therefore, gamblers should always keep an eye on the emerging trends to help improve their betting experience.

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