Swedish gambling industry satisfaction rate reached 64% in 2020

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The Swedish Quality Index (Svenskt Kvalitetsindex) report consumer satisfaction for the Swedish gaming industry reached 64.0% in 2020

sweden-regThe score was derived from 1,500 responses, all participants who partook in the survey were Swedes. For context, the threshold stands at 60%, anything below that level is deemed to equate to ‘great dissatisfaction’. Hence, the result standing at 64% was a massive victory for the Swedish gambling industry. 

The Svenskt Kvalitetsindex highlighted that this was a major improvement from last years consumer satisfaction rate at 57.9%, proving that there is a ‘clear trend’ towards increasing satisfaction.

Chief Executive of Svenskt Kvalitetsindex, Johan Parmler, commented on the results stating:

Johan Parmler, chief executive of Svenskt KvalitetsindexIt is gratifying to note a clear increase in customer satisfaction which must be seen as proof that the industry’s change has taken hold and that the services offered are generally appreciated by the gaming public,

Furthermore, the Svenskt Kvalitetsindex reported that trust levels in the industry, while low, was rising. In 2020, the rate reached 39.8% compared to 35% seen in 2019. Nonetheless, 65.4% of customers seemed to trust their favourite operator more than ever before.

Palmer comments on the result:

Customer-satisfactionCustomers have a high level of confidence in the gaming operator they most often use, but a low level of confidence in the gaming industry,

He adds:

This confidence gap must be taken more seriously by the industry’s leading players if the good improvement trend is to continue.

Parmler states that the figures should act as a call to action for operators to take more responsibility:

The next step should be that operators with high satisfaction and high levels of trust also take greater responsibility for the industry and not just for their own development. It will benefit the gaming market as a whole.

sweden regulationInterestingly, the survey also highlighted the impact the 2019 Gambling Act and COVID-19 has had on gambling in Sweden.

The results concluded that “awareness of the [2019 Gambling Act] has not increased among the study’s respondents”; 5% of Swedes understand how to find out if an operator is licensed. This news is unsettling to regulators as it heightens concerns over the effectiveness of the Spelinspektionen recent efforts to protect players. 

With regard to COVID-19 and its influence on rate of gambling, the Svenskt Kvalitetsindex noted that the number of people who diminished their play and the number of people who increased their levels of play was at the same rate, roughly by 30%.

Parmler commented on this statistic stating:

“We are in the midst of a societal change that is currently difficult to see,”

We see in all our studies that people’s needs, demands, expectations and behaviors have changed due to the pandemic. This is a development that we will follow closely in our future studies.

Source:  iGaming Business 

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