The future of AI in sportsbook?

Posted:: Sep 14, 2020 14:32 Category: Sportsbetting , Posted by Hira Ahmed

As improved machine learning continues to revolutionise and optimise the way we consume and manage data, we take a closer look at BetConstruct ’s new sports betting tool AJNA. 

Few events evoke so much emotion from so many, as a high-stakes sports game. From the humble five-aside between friends all the way up to the grandeur of the World Cup, tensions regularly reach fever pitch. For millions around the globe, their teams do not just exist to provide entertainment – they are representatives of their identity, their culture, their escape from reality. When one considers the significance of sports teams in this contextthe accuracy of match stats become very, very important. Doubly so when there’s money riding on it.  

The evolution of on-and-off field Sports data analysis is as colourful as the rest of the industry. Sports officials tasked with the adjudication and settlement of game issues have always had an unenviable amount of pressure on their heads and, of course, their fair share of hostility from disgruntled fans and punters that do not agree with their decisions. Thankfully, like every other industry in the world, the robots are coming to help. 

Traditionally the use of AI in sports analysis has been supplemented by human examination. Algorithms have only been able to go so far in reading metrics and predicting plays based on the data fed into them, but an actual person was still required to fill in the gaps in athletes’ behaviour that machines could not understand. Betting companies and traders have always relied on officials and their own teams to account for the intricacies of playing a game and scouting data with the level of perception and cognition that can only come from a human eye. Is this about to change? 

Anja-e1548232562517Meet AJNA: the incredible new sports tracking tool from gaming software providers BetConstructWith a name originating from the Sanskrit word meaning “third eye”, AJNA is revolutionary new augmented live video streaming device that is not only changing the way that sports data is collected, but also how the flow of a game is predicted. AJNA works like this: using both AI and machine-learned technology it is able to instantly undistort, remap, stitchrotate video frames and perform custom clusterisation of image sequences to detect player modules. In practical terms, this means that it can identify the field scheme and corners, the movement and speed of the players, and the exact location of the ball at all times.  

This is where things get interesting; not only can AJNA record game metrics with an accuracy rarely seen in the sporting world, it can also use its algorithms to recognise gameflow like ball possession, danger and passes, and whether or not a goal is likely to be scored. With this unprecedented degree of precision in forecasting, unique new markets can be created – an exciting development for the world of sports betting. 

Surprisingly, the minds behind AJNA are already a well-known name in the sector. Boasting an extensive trophy case of 22 prestigious tech and gaming awards, 50+ high-quality product types, 8000+ casino games, 15+ licenses and 500+ payment methods, BetConstruct are true titans of the industry. The secret to their successBetConstruct is part of the larger “SoftConstruct Family: an umbrella corporation that is exploring exciting new fields such as VR expos, AI-powered risk management systems, and blockchain-based gaming software. With the ability to tap into the network and resources of 3000 talented employees scattered across the globe, the organisation is breaking barriers in the industry at lightning-speed. 

What will come next from the tech wizards at BetConstruct? Will they continue to change the way that we think of sports betting? One thing is for certain: we’ll be watching this team extremely closely. 

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