The profile of the modern Casino player in a post-COVID era

Posted:: Jun 19, 2020 08:37 Category: Land-Based , Casino , Posted by Jeremy Micallef

At the beginning of 2020, little did we know that this year will not turn out to be what everyone planned. All the plans land-based casinos had formed, went straight out of the window.

COVID-19 hit us, and it hit us hard. Question is, what is the modern gambler expecting after this COVID-19 pandemic? With most casinos currently closed or making refurbishments to accommodate health and safety regulations, it is difficult to say. If we look at the current situation we face, some businesses are installing perspex between the business and the client.  Will this be the new way of how casinos operate?  We all know that COVID-19 is transmitted from one person to another via droplet of saliva or nose droplet, so how confident are players when returning to a casino?


man and woman cheering at roulette table Younger gamblers are the most excited to return.


In an independent survey that was held recently, some figures show who is more likely to return to the land-based offering. 62% of 29-year-olds and under questioned are happy to make their way to a casino soon and gamble. Some even state that they just cannot wait to go back. 56% from the 30-45 age bracket are cool with going back to gambling, 48% from the age bracket of 45 – 60 said they will resume their gambling. The least surprising figure is that of the over 60s, as only 40% of the people questioned said that will be back to the casino tables. Is this a shock? Not at all, let’s face it, this world pandemic has claimed the lives of people who are vulnerable the most, and this category is mainly the over 60s, with potential medical conditions.

The common trend is very simple, all gamblers that have been questioned have said that casinos need to take Health matters more seriously, and they would expect to see some changes done as soon as possible.  Social distancing was one of the main and common trends that people felt a need at casinos. On the other hand, let’s take casino love tables for example, how will this be enforced? In this new era post-COVID-19, we could see less of the long time traditional gamblers at casinos and more of the young and upcoming players. We all agree that nobody wants to go home with the coronavirus after a visit to a land-based casino. So what is the feedback of players?

During this world pandemic, players have shifted their gaming to the following:

  • Online Casinos including mobile casinos
  • Gaming for free or pay to play via mobile devices

Most of these players have mentioned that a new way of gaming is at an online casino. And why not?  At an online gambling site, you can enjoy either slot machines, just like at a casino lobby or else you can also sit and partake at your favourite casino games, with live dealers. This is the closest you can get to playing at a land-based nowadays. If you happen to be one of those players who loved to suit up, and make your way to a land-based casino, your new normal might look a little bit different. First and foremost, if you have a family and you go home to living with people, is the risk worth taking?  Some of the most COVID-19 hit countries in the world host some of the biggest and most celebrated casinos out there. Let’s take Las Vegas for example, which is part of the USA. The USA is currently seeing a massive increase in coronavirus cases that top the 15k figures daily. Sin City has no big plans of re-launching again, anytime soon. The 2020 post-COVID-19 Era gambler needs to divert his / her efforts to an online casino. If you happen to be one of these players reading this, head over to , where a solid amount of reputable and trusted brands are listed for your convenience. Casumo, Video Slots Casino, Lv Bet, Energy Casino and more. Choose your next playground, enjoy the ride, spin and win.

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