Uruguay’s Casinos del Estado finalises protocol to reopen all of its gaming floors

Posted:: May 21, 2020 12:05 Category: Casino , Posted by Maria

32 casinos shut for almost two months with a dismissal of 950 employees

The group hopes to reopen with a 50 per cent limit on capacity. Slot machines shall be separated from each other in order to comply with the social distancing rules recommended by the government.


Gustavo Anselmi, General Director of Casinos Gustavo Anselmi, General Director of Casinos del Estado remarks that Casinos del Estado are waiting for the call to reopen. This has to be approved by the Ministry of Public Health first.


In addition, to enter the casinos, people must comply with strict hygiene measures. Gustavo Anselmi, General Director of Casinos del Estado, said: “At the entrance there will be a stand with alcohol gel and a mat to wipe off the footwear. All those who enter, public and officials, will have to take precautionary measures as well as wear face masks. Furthermore, everyone will get their temperature checked.”

Mr Anselmi added; “We are wrapping up the protocol. It has already been presented to the gaming room’s union, we have received their comments on it, and we are making new contributions. On Friday this week we will send it to the Ministry of Public Health (MSP). After the MSP responds, it will go to the expert committee and they will say when it will be possible for casinos to reopen. Today I don’t have a date; that depends on them.”

The group owns 32 casinos, which have been out of operation for almost two months. 1,100 employees of which 950 of them are dedicated solely to the casinos have been out of work for the past months.

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