War on illegal casinos: associations join forces to battle unlicenced gambling

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The Alliance plans to enforce the Digital Services Act to cripple unlicenced operators

The Alliance, as it is commonly referred to, is made up of the European Lotteries, the European Casino Association and the World Tote Association. These associations have joined forces to battle illegal online gambling and make users aware of the Digital Services Act. 

The Alliance currently represents over 150 operators in Europe, with over 1 million people employed by the members of Europe | SiGMA Newsthe Alliance, both directly and indirectly. These gambling and lottery operators contribute to more than 35 billion annually towards good causes and state budgets, with over 350,000 independent points of sale for lotteries as well as 900 casinos across Europe. All the operators, represented by the Alliance, present a safe environment for their players offering a variety of licenced games. 

The associations are calling for everyone “to support our members, to enable this significant contribution [for] the benefit of society to continue.” 

What is the Digital Services Act package? 

This Act will be a “notice-and-action mechanism”. It will enable users to notify online mediators about any potential illegal online content/activities which will help the intermediaries act faster to take the necessary actions. The implementation of the Digital Services Act is instrumental against the fight of illegal activities in the gambling industry 

In an open letter the European Lotteries stated,  

[The] Alliance sees this as an important improvement in the fight against illegal online gambling offerings and looks forward the enforcement and implementation of these measures by the involved stakeholders to protect the interests of all EU citizens. 

There are still a number of illegal gambling operators offering their services in multiple EU Member States. The Alliance are looking forward to implement these measures in a bid to satisfy their main priority – the safety of the players. 


About SiGMA’s revamped website:

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