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जब से SiGMA ने एक इवेंट-प्लानिंग कंपनी के रूप में शुरुआत की है, हमने नवाचार और उच्च मानकों के लिए गहरी नजर के साथ मेज़बानी के अपने जुनून को अपनाया है।

हमारा लक्ष्य सर्वश्रेष्ठ गेमिंग गो-टू कंपनी बनना है, जब इवेंट आयोजित करने की बात आती है, हमें हमारी शुरुआती रुचि को एक कला रूप में बदलना है जो हमें अलग और अद्वितीय बनाएगा।

इसके अलावा, एक मजबूत कंटेंट और मीडिया टीम के प्रयासों के साथ, जो अप-टू-मिनट अपडेट और ध्यानपूर्वक चयनित समय-समय पर प्रकाशित पत्रिकाएं लोगों के लिए लाती है, हम उद्योग के विकास पर प्रकाश डालने वाले एक समाचार प्लेटफॉर्म की भूमिका भी निभा रहे हैं।

अंत में हमारी उत्कृष्ट इवेंट-प्लानिंग का सार हमारे मेहमानों की जरूरतों पर निरंतर विचार करने की आवश्यकता है, और हम यह सोचना पसंद करते हैं कि हम उसी ऊर्जा से हमारी महान टीम के प्रबंधन और देखभाल करते हैं, जिस ऊर्जा से हम अपने ग्राहकों की सेवा करते हैं।

हमारे साथ काम क्यों करें


विश्व-स्तरीय इवेंट्स


बहुसांस्कृतिक और विविध कार्यबल


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नौकरी के प्रस्ताव

All Vacancies

Digital Director

Posted on 25/05/2022

The role of the Director of Digital is to manage the activities and processes of our company's digital ecosystem including websites, SEO, affiliation, e-commerce, marketing campaigns and any digital products. This includes digital marketing strategies, analysing data traffic and user metrics, and ensure the consistency of a brand's digital tone and presence

BizDev Manager (Blockchain)

Posted on 10/01/2022

Do you have exhibition sales experience? Are you looking for a position where you can take ownership of the expo revenues/sales team in order to really make your mark? If yes, please read on...

M&A Specialist

Posted on 10/01/2022

The SiGMA Group is facilitating high volumes of M&A activity, where companies are being supported in the process of buying or selling businesses and company structures, and the process of raising capital via a mergers and acquisitions process. SiGMA Group is looking for someone to act as a facilitator between investors, buyers & sellers.

Events Manager

Posted on 23/07/2021

We are looking for an Events Manager to join our team.

CIS Director

Posted on 23/07/2021

We are hiring a CIS Director to take over a mix of existing SiGMA accounts and new sales. To excel in this role you should be an active listener, have a compelling sales personality, and a hunger to chase and close new business from cold calls and inbound warm leads.

Sales Manager with iGaming experience

Posted on 23/07/2021

We are looking for a competitive and trustworthy Sales Manager to drive new business into our company. Our Sales Manager’s responsibilities include discovering and pursuing new sales prospects, negotiating deals and maintaining customer satisfaction. If you have excellent communication skills and feel comfortable reaching out to potential customers to demonstrate our services and products through email and phone, we’d like to meet you. Ultimately, you’ll help us meet and surpass business expectations and contribute to our company’s rapid and sustainable growth. The ideal candidate should be able to work autonomously and with confidence.

System Administrator

Posted on 23/07/2021

We are searching for a fast-learner to take up the role of Systems Engineer in our busy Malta office! If you have a basic knowledge of IT systems and are up for a challenge, we want to hear from you. 

Content Writer

Posted on 23/07/2021

We are looking for an experienced writer to join our content team. The successful candidate will not only increase their online presence, but also provide content for the semi-annual issues of SiGMA and Block Magazine. Our company is an event company that provides services in three areas: gaming (online and land-based), emerging technologies, medical technologies, and medical cannabis, with events on four continents. Africa, Europe, Latin America, Asia. Our company is looking for an educational, inspirational and entertaining content writer to help plan, strategize and develop content within our existing content team. Our ideal candidate has demonstrable creative writing skills. Skills in content planning and development provide additional benefits. We are looking for anyone who has experience with media sales and marketing copy creation and graphic design tools. Ultimately, you need to participate in all documented content initiatives to ensure brand awareness, inbound lead generation, and thought leadership brand consistency.

Full Stack/ PHP Developer ( with HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS knowledge)

Posted on 05/07/2021

Full-time, IT

We are looking for an excellent and ambitious Full Stack/ PHP Developer ( with HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS knowledge) to support our platform coding, innovative design, and layout. You will be an important contact for our continuous improvement and daily updates of our site's features sets, features, and content. Will be based in Malta office for working individual.

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