About IAGA

The International Association of Gaming Advisors is a collaborative platform where significant concerns affecting present global gaming are addressed. IAGA hosts numerous conferences and special events each year, supported by a membership that includes the industry’s leading attorneys, senior executives, financial advisors, regulators, consultants, and academics. Attendees participate in rich discussions focused on industry topics and trends, benefit from valuable networking opportunities, and gain vital education.

Members include a diverse group of gaming attorneys, top executives, financial advisors, regulators, consultants, and academics who gather to examine the industry’s future. Each year, the IAGA sponsors a variety of major events and online Best Practices Webinars to keep members up to date on the newest topics, trends, and best practices in the global gaming business. IAGA supports all aspects of gaming education through its efforts, as well as gives additional programs like the Shannon Bybee Scholarship, which furthers the study of gaming law.

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IAGA goal and mission

The initial goal of the organization was to form a professional association of gaming industry attorneys “to unite in common those professionally engaged in the gaming industry, to facilitate gaming industry negotiations, to protect and promote the mutual interests of the corporation’s members, and to promote and encourage gaming industry education.”

NAGA’s membership swiftly grew to include attorneys not just from the United States but also from the United Kingdom, France, and other overseas jurisdictions where gambling is legally controlled. As a result, in 1985, NAGA became the International Association of Gaming Attorneys (IAGA) and conducted its first international conference in Monte Carlo, in recognition of the organization’s growing international membership.

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IAGA leadership

Reflecting the globalization of the gaming industry and the increased international representation of IAGA’s membership, the organization’s annual conferencesexpanded beyond Europe to Australia, Canada, and the Caribbean. The issues and strategies considered by IAGA began to require more than just legal expertise. As a result, experts from the gaming industry’s financial and operational segments began to actively participate in the organization’s training and networking activities.

In 2007, IAGA’s name was changed to the International Association of Gaming Advisors to better reflect the expanded scope of the topics addressed, and its membership has since grown to include not only gaming attorneys, but also a wide range of industry financial experts, casino executives, regulators, consultants, and educators from around the world.

Annual meet-ups

The industry experts who make up IAGA gather throughout the year to discuss the most pressing issues facing the global gaming business. The organization and its members also actively participate in a variety of initiatives aimed at increasing the gaming industry’s competence and professionalism, as well as encouraging continued collaboration among the industry’s legal, finance, operational, educational, and regulatory advisers.

SiGMA and IAGA’s collaborative partnership

Both SiGMA and the IAGA are committed to providing high-quality information as well as visibility at prime events.

SiGMA’s previous events have been heavily supported by the International Association of Gaming Advisors (IAGA). In this established collaboration the association has helped SiGMA generate high-quality conference content for the SiGMA Americas Digital Summit and aided in co-producing a half-day conference for the SiGMA Europe super show in November.

IAGA has sponsored a variety of ancillary networking events, including SiGMA’s renowned iGatherings, conducted throughout the year.

SiGMA is a platinum sponsor of the International Association of Gaming Advisors and a proud supporter of the IAGA’s efforts to provide industry expertise, important education through conferences and seminars, and useful networking opportunities for gaming executives.

IAGA’s Executive Director, Kirsten Clark, commented that IAGA is pleased to be working with SiGMA to expand the education and networking opportunities supporting the rapidly growing iGaming market, as so many of their members and long-time supporters have been actively involved in shaping online gaming both domestically and abroad.

IAGA stated that they look forward to their future collaborations with the global SiGMA team and working together to raise the industry’s collective expertise in this dynamic gaming segment.

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Partnering with IAGA allows SiGMA Group to tap into some of the industry’s best and brightest industry leaders so the brand can continue delivering highly engaging and thought-provoking webinars, conferences and networking.