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“Our focus lies within SEO” – J. Löfgren, Novitana Ltd

“A business with minimal risk” – G. Ristikj, Gamblers Connect

“We have a clear long-term vision” – W. Armitage, BestOdds

“We’ve got everything we need” – V. Darechkin, Media 24 Holding

“Good organization is the key” – Andrei Serban, Chipy

“High-quality, in-depth content” – D. Archer, Better Media Ltd

“We know the good actors” – Ulf Bradling, Casino Online Argentina

“The incomparable passion” – A. Scelzo, E-Quadrat

“I am a Swedish sports betting affiliate” – R. Reiz,

“Quality over quantity” – T. Kljajic, NicheStack

“We’ve had more than 1 million visits” – K. T. Smith, Happy Media

“Curiosity…” – Attila Colaci, Gambling Judge

“Events like SiGMA are absolutely critical” – D. Einhorn, CXSports

“We have a highly targeted audience” – R. Radtka, Forza Football

“Don’t gamble your way into the Balkans” – L. Keskinov, Balkan Media Group

“This is our strength” – S. Karamouzis & C. Lagios, iGEM Ltd

“The road to success is never easy” – Nina Sparv, Epicorns

“User-friendly, modern, transparent” – Paul Puolakka, Viabonus

“What to play? Where to play?” – Oleksandr Shapovalov, SlotCatalog Ltd

“Brazil is a very peculiar country” – Flávio Figueiredo, iGaming Brazil

SOFTSWISS partners with IGUBET to launch sports betting brand and affiliate marketing platform

Meet them in Malta: AGS to fly 300 affiliates to SiGMA Europe

“Engagement influences rankings” – Carlo Marafioti, Infadawork OÜ

“Reinvest your monthly earnings” – Timothy Glenn, TrafficSource

Affilka by SOFTSWISS launches 5+ new projects in April

“Our personalities are our strength” – Erik Joelsson, Joelsson Media Group

“Testimonials speak volumes” – Lee-Ann Johnstone, AffiliateINSIDER

SiGMA-AGS Awards closes a successful first day for the Dubai Summit

Kasinosetä: iGaming Affiliation in Finland

“No tilt” – A. Fomenok, Already Media

Glitnor Group acquires Malta-based iGaming affiliate KaFe Rocks Ltd

“The right timing is vital” – M. Schumann, NoLimit Casinos

“Towards a more sustainable gambling market” – Šimon Vincze

“Give the visitor the best and most honest information” – Paulo Mendes

In any partnership, in any industry, transparency of information and honest interaction will always come first – Andrey Akimov

“Talk about realistic targets and how to achieve them” – Heiko Wulf

“SEO is more at risk” – Vasylyna and Nikita

“Focus on user experience on the site” – Martin

“You have to find a balance between volume and quality” – Jaimy Bakkenes

“The hardest working companies will have the best results” – Jarkko Juusola

“Operators choose themselves” – Antonio Vega

MioMedia, a new innovative affiliate program in the iGaming market to attend SiGMA Europe event

“Work hard and be patient” – Nemanja Lazarevic

“Provide something unique that is too difficult or costly to replicate” – Jens Bøg Hokka

“Consistency is key in this business” – Jay Desmoort

“We put the emphasis on quality and accurate data” – Eve Luneborg

“Honesty is the most critical aspect” – Quan Bui

“You must understand the clients’ business” – Lucas Gerhardsson

“Being an affiliate is not easy money” – Lauri Aro

“You must have local knowledge” – Juan Carlos Ortiz Diaz

“More affiliates should be willing to take more risks” – Mathias Johansen

“Growth of crypto projects and new partnerships are highly correlated” – Edward Ackins

“Esports is undeniably booming” – Gianfranco Capozzi

“We are Doers, not just Talkers” – Jeff Ownby

“It’s all about the user” – Jimmi Meilstrup

“Crypto gambling is performing very well” – Cosmin Mesenschi

“The next generation of affiliates needs to look beyond gaming” – Joonas Karhu

“What looks very easy from the outside is the result of years of hard work” – Cristina Niculae

The largest aggregator of iGaming affiliate programs has rebranded the platform

“The right balance of volume and quality” – Moshiko Benguigui

“Be creative and don’t be afraid of challenges” – Alanas Ivšinas

“The biggest challenge working in markets such as Iran is filtering” – Leylaj

“The Netherlands is one of the last markets in Europe to become regulated” – Frank Op de Woerd

“Affiliates can provide their content in different ways to visitors. However, sometimes legislation makes it hard” – Christiaan Bollen

“Without traffic there is no business” – Koen Verkerk

“The affiliate business is a constant search for these unique selling points” – Taras Khomenko

‘Gambling is fun, and it should always stay fun’ – Klaas & Matt

‘Once exceptional results are achieved, everything else falls into place’ – Ashley Wood

‘At the core of the affiliate team, you have data’ – Alexander H.

Jimmi Meilstrup, CEO at Vita Media Group: “We focus on creating a bond with our clients. Loyalty is our main priority”

“Be unique and stop using templates in affiliate marketing” – Olessia Selitsky

‘Traffic should be sent, not talked about’ – Dmytro Nalbat

“Satisfy the user and success will follow” – Atte Sarantila

“A long-term partnership always begins by building trust” – Oren Arizoni

“Let users go to the best product on the market” – Alex Kharchyshyn

“If you want to attract more affiliates you need to look at your affiliate program as an offer and make it irresistible” – Ryan Hamada

Focus on quality, not quantity, which often saves time and money both for the bookmakers and myself – Christopher

‘To be able to swim with sharks, we should be smart. By smart I mean strategy, and by strategy, I mean being different from the crowd’ – Roman Matusevich

Affiliate marketing is vital if a brand wants to get noticed” – Matthew Lovett”

iGaming SEO, Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Yevhen Bondar

SEO, Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Konstantin Rabin, FM LLC

“A well-regulated market is a market that provides stability and is very attractive to all parties” – Sam M. Barranco

“The affiliate marketing sector is a highly volatile one” – Anton Charaev

‘Strong drive, proactivity, technical skills, passion for the industry, and business acumen are some of the essential skills’ – Viktor Atanasovski

SEO, Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Christiaan Bollen, Boljoro S.L.

‘Always consider the consumers’ needs, and putting a spin on it’ – Alex Gambler

“Many of these affiliates need to change this short-sighted approach” – Asker Thalidzhokov

“Only the best affiliates survive and that benefits the players in Sweden” – Staffan Arvidson

‘Our needs are being met with decentralised crypto options, which are bringing both new challenges and opportunities’ – Federico Simoni

“The affiliate industry is built on a win/win business concept” – Håvard Lehn

‘Affiliate companies have to be smart, adapting to the different regulators and restrictions’ – Pablo Fernandez

“Readers need to be able to trust your knowledge when you are trying to guide them” – Aidan Ward

“Develop your own story and the affiliate traffic will grow the same way” – Andreas Richt

“To be honest it is not always uniqueness that makes an affiliate successful” – Wayne Howe

“One needs to have a very varied skill set to be able to run an affiliate business” – Risto Myllymäki

‘Nowadays, it’s really hard to be unique, but it’s not impossible of course’ – Santa Barkēviča

‘User experience, quality of content, and expertise will tremendously influence the affiliate companies the next years’ – Fotis Gkotsoulias

“Focus on what you do best and hire someone for the other things” – Håkan Klingén

‘In today’s digital world, Data is King, and for affiliates, data aggregation is the throne’ – Charles Herisson

“Create great content and offer users a satisfying user experience” – Yohan Leon

“The key for success is working with the right people in the right mood” – Matteo Giannone

“Saving the world through online gambling” – Erik Bergman

“Informed users are more than likely satisfied customers” – Andrea Bellezza

“The best advice is to think of what you’re able to offer which your competition doesn’t” – Alex Tester

SEO, Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Rickard Vikström, Internet Vikings

“Being an affiliate is a lifestyle” – Pontus Magnusson

‘Email inboxing is becoming more and more difficult these days, it’s worth to invest in your own email delivery system’ – Gijs de Jager

“[WATCH] Buying a company is never the finish line” – Robert Andersson

It is important to trust each other as after all we are all partners in this business – Milica Kasapovic & Dijana Radunovic

“Make your emails look professional and with a graphical touch which can carry the message without drowning out the CTA” – Hans Jul

‘The biggest challenges have been to get the first customers, to get the approval from others, and the “trust” that is so important in this business’ – Aleksandar Stankovic

“Transparency is the key to renovating this business” – Vincenzo Decaro

“We cannot overstate the importance of the trust-factor is in our industry” – Leanne Catherine Muleba

‘It’s important, especially with marketing, that what you create and how you present yourselves resonate with the viewer and is instantly recognisable’ – Fraser Linkleter

‘Miracles don’t happen overnight by sending emails, this is a game for the patience’ – Olivier Meier Mattern

“What is measured through those tracking links is only a small part of what a good partnership can deliver” – Richard Moffat

“Experience in product development and promotion is crucial” – Volodymyr Harkusha & Mikayel Shahinyan

Acroud AB acquires Matching Visions

‘If we spend a little bit more time paying close attention to detail, we won’t face uncalled for issues’ – Yeva Nrava

‘Email marketing is only so effective, but with the emergence of Twitch…’ – Karl Aadli

The gaming industry is an ever-evolving ecosystem” – Riccardo Busato”

‘For affiliates to be unique they must have edge; tech edge, traffic edge – you got to have one’ – Ofer Katz

“The great thing about affiliation is that it’s relatively risk-free compared to white labels or operators” – Teemu Salminen

Playattack invites affiliates and streamers to take part in epic Christmas-themed ‘Candy Cane’ battle

‘Many know how to get traffic, but the ability to predict global trends, which source is burning out, and which source is the future is less common’ – Mikhael Danshin

“Operators must select their affiliates more carefully and develop a relationship of greater interaction and collaboration” – Alessandro Termenini

‘Some publishers are very creative in how they approach brand keywords bidding and to spot it, you need to…’ – Valentin Darechkin

‘If you have an affiliate program that delivers good numbers in terms of KPIs then, in theory, your AMs have an easier time doing their job’ – John Wright

“Operators should see and approach each affiliate individually” – Alaeddin Moftah

“The main challenge is to not focus on the negative situation but to see the light at the end of the tunnel” – Jacob Ljunggren

‘The iGaming sector moves unbelievably fast. Who does not understand this, is doomed to fail’ – Andrei Motoc

“The only way to stand out in today’s overloaded market is to boldly go where no man has gone before!” – Daniel Jovic

[WATCH] “Apart from being a regular affiliate company, we’re also a production company”, Clas Dahlén for SiGMA Pitch

“Retention and reactivation help many affiliates to stand out from the crowd” – Julien Josset from North Star Network

‘Rather than copy-pasting other affiliates’ work, coming up with an approach that has not been applied by other affiliates, can create more significant success’ – Emre Goktas

‘Affiliates must try to make a difference, that’s the only way they can stand out from the rest’ – Jeroen Bakker & Vincent Brons

‘It’s important to have a clear notion of how to create a product, attract traffic, and communicate with the audience’ – Alex Lysak

“Everything is pretty exposed these days and it seems that everyone tries to be the first in every market there is” – Pontus Axelsson

“Building a good business relationship based on trust and transparency is the key to success” – Carla Calinoiu

‘An affiliate team needs a strong understanding of the iGaming market, lots of patience, and vision’ – Spiridione Palmiotti

“I believe that adapting to changes without distorting one’s identity is one of the most important qualities a company must have” – Vincenzo Armato

‘Very often operators forget they have to compete for affiliates’ traffic and there is always someone else who can perform better than them’, Plamen Petrov

‘Even when you have some conversions, the payout can take 1 to 3 months’ – Niek van Alphen

‘Just being a photocopy of other affiliate sites will not get you anywhere; you also need to create the maximum value for the user’, Glenn Debattista

‘Regulations are getting harder and harder and this is not a good thing for most affiliates and operators’, Ethan Miller

‘The industry is ever changing, and as an affiliate you are often fighting the margins – mainly within paid marketing’, Asbjørn Bieling-Hansen

‘Laws and untrustworthy affiliate programs are making affiliation more difficult’, Andreas Fischer

‘We like that everything we do is digital, making the world our playground, but coming together and meeting in person makes it all more human’, Sander Delabie

‘There has to be an insane level of creativity to keep up with the competition, the environmental changes, and Google constantly updating their algorithm,’ Alessandro Valente

Steven Hubbard joins the latest series of Affiliate interviews

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Jonas Warrer joins the latest series of affiliate interviews

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Nick Zelver joins the latest series of affiliate interviews

Dilanti Media recruits previous CFO of Optimizer Invest

Lars Wahlström joins the latest series of affiliate interviews

Jamie Lewis joins the latest series of affiliate interviews

‘The most important skillset is the mindset the industry is tough and you have to think out of the box and have an analytic mindset,’ Oliver Faber

‘Affiliate marketing is only a fraction of what can be done but it also has a lot of options to be implemented, so, keep exploring,’ Georgios Sotiriou

‘You need to be prepared to work all the time and be focused. The industry grabs you in and doesn’t let go,’ Alex Windsor

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Will Brilling

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Gennadiy Galperin

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Toby Oddy

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Colin Anderson

Engage Launches New Affiliate Discovery Platform

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Michaël & Olivier

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Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Simon Jones

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Kevin Ciantar

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Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Hofit Shelly

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Yancy Naughton

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Jon Horsfield

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Max Hoog

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Anders Granström

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet AskGamblers

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Jonas Støvring

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Kenneth Jørgensen

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Eric Stoop

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Johan Syrén

“There are reviews written by experts but hardly any written by players, so that would be nice to see,” Ron Chiti

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet George Minski

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Kenneth Larsen

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Emi Rafaeli

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Pavel Pudakov

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Georg Heinrich

Affiliate Grand Slam: ???????????, ????????? ?????

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Raquel Ocaña Gutiérrez

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Nina Sparv

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet William Westerlund

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Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Toni Westerholm

Affiilate Grand Slam: Meet Knut Thomas Smith

Marketing in affiliate-heavy industries with Charlotte Green

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Eskil Kvarnström

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Ian Fernando

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Sebastian Högberg

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Megan Sagriff

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Santiago Indart

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Jonas Kyllönen

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Márcio Pereira

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Rasmus Pajbjerg

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Barry Goldwon

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Ermin Rajic

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Louise Valfridsson

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Ilja de Boer

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet André Moreira

Meet the Affiliate: Jeton Kodia

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Brad Alexander

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Edward Tabus

Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Markus Jalmerot

An exclusive interview with Reza Shojaei

Meet Marc Frank Pedersen, Director of Business Development at Better Collective

“Affiliates should see things from their visitors’ perspective, analyze their behavior, and correct the website’s content accordingly” – Olga Lutova