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About Loteria Uruguaya

Establishment and Mission

Loteria Uruguaya, the National Agency of Lotteries and Football Pools is an executing unit of the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Uruguay and its tasks are the regulation of the programming, execution, and distribution of lottery, pools, and other games. It also advises the Ministry on the authorisation of new games that determine their results on the basis of draws. In addition, it grants concessions to private individuals for the operation of the lottery and other games and is responsible for conducting the lottery and pool draws.

Its history began in 1819, when the Portuguese authorities, at the time dominating the territory of the Banda Oriental (west side), decided to carry out the first lottery draw in front of the Cabildo of Montevideo which later became the Hospital Maciel.

The birth of the organisation dates back to July 12th 1856, the date on which the legal precept to which the current National Agency had to adjust its functioning was promulgated. The decree of law 150 declares that the Public Lotteries are the exclusive property of the Hospital de la Caridad.

The head of the National Directorate of Lotteries and Quinielas (DNLQ) of Uruguay, Ricardo Berois, recalled that 3% of the proceeds of the New Year’s Eve Lottery will be destined to the public hospitals Maciel, Pasteur and Pereira Rossell, hospitals that received from the 2020 edition of the game about US$ 120 thousand each, a number they hope to exceed this year.

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Mission, vision, and tasks

The National Agency of Lotteries and Football Pools is responsible for direct marketing, administrating lottery games, and regulating supervising, and controlling other games entrusted to authorised licensees.

Loteria Uruguaya’s vision is to contribute to the integration of a technical space for gaming, sensitive technological changes, and their social impact, guaranteeing the transparency of all procedures and giving confidence to the gambling public. The regulatory body’s tasks are to administrate the lottery games; to regulate and control the other games entrusted to authorised licensees, and to carry out and regulate all gaming procedures.

The National Agency of Lotteries and Football Pools authorises the use, reproduction, transformation, or distribution of the open dataset published to acknowledge, cite and/or link to the National Agency as the source of such datasets is complied with.

Loteria Uruguaya and SiGMA

The Americas is an important market for any ambitious entrepreneurs, investors, or operators in the industry, as the continent is a developing pillar in the global iGaming business and home to one of the oldest gaming sectors. Because of its international clout, as well as its strong IT infrastructure and economy, SiGMA has plenty of space to expand in this area.

Given Uruguay’s growing iGaming industry, Loteria Urugiuaiana has been an important partner in SiGMA’s efforts in the region and the broader continent as a whole. With the economic power gaming holds in this region, SiGMA looks forward to furthering cooperation with Loteria Urugiuaiana so as to strengthen the Uruguayan economy and incubate an ecosystem of innovation and prosperity.

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