The SiGMA Group is currently facilitating high volumes of M&A activity, where companies are being supported in the process of buying or selling businesses and company structures, and the process of raising capital via a mergers and acquisitions process. If you are looking to buy or sell operations or raise capital and form strategic partnerships with a target company or a potential acquiring company, SiGMA’s extensive network and our experience in mergers and acquisitions offers a premium opportunity to make the right connection for your business while increasing your profit margins.



We build long term relations where our aim is to support our partners from start to goal.


We work as a team to find the best solutions for our partners together.


Through our International expos we have a global network of investors, buyers and sellers.


Our collaborations are based on win/win solutions.




Mishcon de Reya provides legal and advisory services to gambling businesses and key suppliers to iGaming operators across the globe, advising businesses to become investor-ready to fund-raise and scale.

An online marketplace for business opportunities worldwide. Highly experienced with cross-border transactions and with an international presence and extended global network.

SiGMA is a global events planning company for the gaming and tech industry with a great array of international contacts from both inside and outside of the sector.

Partis Solutions deliver strategic consultation and brokerage solutions to a diverse portfolio of international clients from across the sector.


How should you choose your M&A broker?

Make sure that the reputation of your M&A broker is trustworthy and that they have the relevant experience to cope with your needs. A trustworthy M&A broker will walk you through the process, so that there will be no surprises along the way.

What is needed for a successful M&A?

If you’ve done your homework well, your M&A broker will guide you through all the stages of the merger or of the acquisition process. The broker will pull in a team of experts to finalise the deal, and these will advise you from the beginning right through the end.

What is the Due Diligence checking list?

Your broker should conduct a full investigation of the potential investment in question, in order to confirm all facts. This is to ensure that all rights of stakeholders are covered, whether the buyer or the seller. Typical Due Diligence will include a review of all financial records and past company performance, so that all parties will be aware of the facts

Why is an M&A broker needed?

A good M&A broker will facilitate the entire transaction from beginning to end, while making sure that the rights of both parties are protected and that all legal requirements have been satisfied. Put simply, all the buyer and seller need to do when they have a good M&A broker is sign the dotted line

Why choose SiGMA as your M&A Advisory?

SiGMA Group comes with extensive expertise in the M&A sector, having acted as broker in M&A deals worth in excess of €30M.
Whether as buyer or seller, you will benefit from SiGMA Group’s extensive network and knowledge of the gambling industry, emerging technologies, digital marketing & medical technologies. The SiGMA Group is currently facilitating 20+ simultaneous transactions with mergers and acquisitions. The largest deals are between a target company and an acquiring company with transactions for 30M+, and the smaller deals are in the ballpark of
150K + – a portfolio that covers all ambits of mergers and acquisitions. 

The SiGMA Group has been providing this service, facilitating asset purchase between a target company and an acquiring
company for free up till now, but in order to dedicate ourselves to even better service, a percentual fee of the successful
transaction amount is charged after deal completion.