[UPDATED] Top 5 ways to buy yourself a PS5

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With restocks expected to be taking place as of the time of writing, SiGMA News gives you some tips and tricks on how to get your hands on the next-generation console

Update: 25/02/2021

President Joe Biden wants to prevent PS5 stock shortages in the future

The PS5 is impacting more then just gaming worldwide, it has now also caught the attention of the white house.

U.S President Joe Biden on Wednesday signed an executive order to improve the supply chain for semiconductor chips and other critical resources.

PS5The President is seeking $37 billion to fund legislation to help supercharge chip manufacturing in the US to make up for the shortfall of semiconductors Reuters reported.

Biden stated ‘We need to make sure these supply chains are secure and reliable,’ adding that semiconductor chips power everything from cars to phones to medical devices.

At the moment there has been a severe semiconductor shortage with multiple big companies competing over parts. The COVID-19 pandemic has surely not helped in this regards as it has slowed the production process.

A joint statement from several companies including Apple, AMD and Sony given out to the President addressing this growing issue remarks: ‘Semiconductors play a critical role in enabling the products and services that fuel our economy, contribute to American innovation, and enhance our national security
Given the central role of semiconductors, strengthening the US position in semiconductor research, design, and manufacturing is a national priority.’

According to Biden and co., the investigation is looking to more than just identify the issue, but find a solution and alternatives for American companies suffering from the shortages.

Getting your hands on the next-generation console

During the holiday season, the most in demand item was the PS5. The much anticipated next-generation console by Sony launched on November 12. It has been made especially difficult to purchase a console as all retail has moved online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The shortage of the PS5 has also driven calls to members of parliament to criminalise scalping.

Douglas ChapmanDouglas Chapman, a Scottish National Party politician describes it as ‘profiteering’ to Sky News, stating:

‘It seems to me a total scam’

Scalping is the practice of using bots to buy multiple units of the item and then sell it for a marked-up price. Some online stores have limited purchases to one per address.

So, is there a way buyers can get their hands on the PS5?

5. Call stores asking for the next stocking date: be like Joey Chiu

Joey Chiu PS5

Visit or call stores who you know had the PS5 and ask about the day restocking will take place. Stores may be able to tell you when the next console shipment is coming in.

When that day arrives, make your way to the store and wait in line. If you’re lucky enough, you might end up going home with your much anticipated PS5.

The first customer who got his hands on a PS5 was Joey Chiu. Joe was first in line to buy the PlayStation 4 for its launch in 2013, and first in line to get a PS4 Pro when that launched in 2016.

Due to the pandemic, electronic stores were shut. But Sony returned the favour and they sent Chiu the first PlayStation 5 with a note inside saying “Patience is a virtue, this is for you.”

Joey Chiu Twitter ps5


4. Use an online inventory tracker

One of the best ways to find the latest console is by using an online inventory tracker. Find good inventory trackers (in this case SiGMA News did the job for you) and use it in your advantage to keep track of which websites have restocked.

Inventory tracking websites pull data from online stores every couple of seconds and update their listings to show if the retailer has the console.

You can set these websites to send you notification through email or by text. Some websites also have the option of sending you a notification through social media channels like Discord or Telegram.

Some of the top online inventory trackers are:

  • Popcart
  • NowInStock
  • Zoolert

how t buy a ps5


3. Check unusual stores

smyths toys store

Toy stores and electronic stores are other options where to search for when looking for a PS5. Another place that had the PS5 available was StockX.

This website is an eBay alternative that made its name in the secondary market for sneakers and designer clothing the PS5 listing was in stock for over $700. So make sure you think outside the box when looking for a place to buy the next PS5.

Check these out:

  • box.co.uk
  • ShopTo
  • GameStop

2. Look out for second hand buys

The high demand and the shortage that came along with it has lead to unauthorised resales of the device at more than twice the listed price. This has gotten to a point where it got so much out of hand that eBay had to issue a warning to scammers selling photos of the PS5.

eBay had to issue a statement on the matter, saying it’s working to pull these scamming listings from its site, and vowed to take action against those it finds to be scamming others.

‘We are in the process of removing all listings for photos of PS5s from our marketplace and will be taking appropriate action against the sellers.” eBay said.


Watch out for scams and if you’re looking for a second hand PS5, make sure you look from a trusted website. Some of these websites offer a range of refurbished second hand games consoles:

  • MusicMagpie
  • decluttr
  • 4Gadgets

1. Follow PS5 social media accounts for updates


Use social media to your advantage. Various social media accounts provide regular updates on retailers offering potential merchandise drops of the PS5. You might even find employees working at these stores leaking information to shoppers.

On Twitter:

  • @Wario64 – provides updates on avaoilabilitiesp
  • [email protected] – reports Walmart walk-ins as a reputable source for PS5 units, as well as a possible PS5 queue opening up
  • @PS5StockUpdates – accurate social account

Keep these feeds on your radar 24/7 and remain vigilant.

In a recent earnings report, Sony confirmed it sold 4.5 million PS5 consoles from October to December.

The company promised to ‘do everything in our power’ to make more PS5s available to consumers as it acknowledged the shootings, adding that it’s on track to sell 7.6 million PS5 units during the first fiscal year.

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