4 major future shifts in online marketing for casino and sportsbetting

Shirley Pulis Xerxen 1 month ago
4 major future shifts in online marketing for casino and sportsbetting

The future of online marketing in Casino and Sports Betting was on the agenda at the SiGMA Asia 2024 summit, Mariusz Gąsiewski , CEE Mobile Gaming & Apps Lead at Google in his keynote analysed upcoming trends, shifts from current strategies, and factors for maintaining relevance.

According to Gąsiewski, the online gambling market is experiencing robust growth, with estimates suggesting it will reach approximately $138 billion by 2029, up from $106-107 billion this year. The current year-over-year growth rate is an impressive 13 percent, indicating a thriving sector.

Gąsiewski identified 4 key areas where marketers can expect to see major future shifts:

  1. User behaviour and acquisition: The expert noted that while the focus has traditionally been on the first deposit as a primary indicator of user value, this approach may be limiting. He highlighted the importance of understanding and targeting high-value, loyal users, as they represent a small yet highly valuable segment of the market. Gąsiewski suggested that the industry should move away from relying on average data and instead focus on the lifetime value of users.
  2. Asset quality and engagement: The shift to online platforms, particularly in regions like Brazil, is driving a greater emphasis on the quality of digital assets. Gąsiewski compared the gambling industry to the gaming sector, where high-quality apps with strong user ratings are more successful. He predicts that sportsbetting and casino apps will need to improve their quality to compete effectively.
  3. AI and data: The role of AI in marketing is set to expand, with AI systems becoming more reliant on quality data to target ads effectively. Gąsiewski pointed out that as privacy regulations tighten, data will become a valuable commodity. Companies will need to find new ways to gather and analyse data ethically and effectively to inform their marketing strategies.
  4. Analytics and data management: In order to stay competitive in an industry that is ever-evolving, companies will need to invest in advanced analytics solutions that can integrate data from various sources, such as websites, apps, and customer databases. These solutions will be crucial for understanding user behaviour and optimising marketing campaigns.

Gąsiewski’s keynote highlighted the evolving nature of online marketing in the gambling industry. He emphasised that companies must adapt to changes in user engagement, asset quality, and data management to survive and thrive in the competitive online gambling market.

All eyes on East Europe

The gaming world will be turning its focus on East Europe this September when SiGMA East Europe Summit 2024 lands in Budapest.

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