5 myths about casino bonuses: busted

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While the casino industry continues to evolve, many people are unsure of what an online casino is and how it goes around

If you were to go and ask a couple of people on the streets to give their two-cents on online casinos, chances are they will say it is unreliable or a scam. Similarly, a majority of people have negative thoughts about casinos. Most myths about online casinos pertain to their bonuses in particular.

It’s common for online casino enthusiasts to prefer no-deposit bonuses. It is the easiest and risk-free way to be a part of casino games and get what they have to offer. This article will walk you through and bust some of the biggest myths about casino bonuses.

1.Newer Casino Companies Give You More Bonuses

Not true

Best online casino bonuses make the game more interesting - Best Casino BonusesThere are two kinds of online wagering companies. Companies allow associates to bet against others and go around as ‘betting exchanges.’ They might seem attractive as the odds they offer are somewhat admirable relative to traditional betting websites. However, do not let this distract you. Conventional wagering companies will probably have higher odds, but they simultaneously offer more bets.  In the end, it all comes down to the kind of technique you use; you are likely to use a site you are more familiar with.

2.There is No Risk Involved with No Deposit Bonuses

Not exactly true

No-deposit bonuses sound great! It was so great that numerous enthusiasts thought it was their freeway to earning handsome amounts of money without depositing any funds. While this much is true, it does not mean there are no risks. The risks do not lie in the bonus’s validity but rather from the site you acquire the bonuses from. Blacklisted or unreliable casinos may scam you, and you may never get the bonus you thought you would. It is best to do your research before you indulge in any casino games. Check this no deposit bonuses research on Casinoslots.co.nz.

3. You are Likely to Win More Bonuses on Land-Based Casinos

Not true

It is quite the opposite. Online casinos tend to have better payouts and bonuses than traditional land-based casinos. Online slots differ from slot machines by paying out 3-10% higher. Not to mention, you have access to better and more bonus deals online rather than land-based casinos. The indifference is because of the costs of the company operating the casino. Online casinos only have to cater to customer support, whereas conventional land-based casinos follow a different operational mechanism that is quite pricey.

4. Casinos Only Offer Bonuses to Attract you to the casino


A casino bonus is the easiest way to lure in a new player into a casino. Casinos are okay with giving out money for free, or they allow you a set of free spins, but only for their best interests. Know that bonuses are expensive, and they only take the risk to bring in more players who will continue playing. It’s basic business.

5.You Never Get the Bonus

Not True

Casino Bonus - Check Out The Biggest Online Casino PromotionsAn online casino bonus like free spins has numerous conditions. Wagering requirements are one of them, where you must use your bonus money to play more games before you can withdraw any real money winnings. Though the bonuses do exist, you need to understand various terms and conditions beforehand.

Betting sure is risky, as some downsides always come along with lucrative games. You must have a thorough understanding of how casino games work and the potential that bonuses possess before you get on to playing.

Now that you know about some of these myths, you can play more confidently and enjoy your winnings. Good luck!

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