6 ways to build player loyalty with bonuses

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There is a lot to be said about the ways in which bonuses are essential to the iGaming B2C sector

For player loyalty alone, they can work magic. There’s an art in crafting a bonus strategy that rewards both players and operator. And adding guiding principles and tools to human expertise and creativity is bound to generate impressive results.

B2B platform provider EveryMatrix put together six possible ways for operators to ensure players stay with them in the long run:

1. Create a long-term bonusing strategy

The way for an operator to really capitalise on bonuses is to tailor reward programs with the bigger picture in mind. While the effects of a particular bonus can be immediately seen, interconnected rewards are the ones that truly work for your players’ loyalty.

Every short-term win must fall into place within the long-term strategy. When you create a bonus to attract players, you should have already figured out the next steps. Think of rewards that will also retain or reactivate them.

Keep in mind that bonuses that make users play on your website are also chances to make a great first impression, setting their expectations for the future. Take out the big guns, remembering you should be fair in presenting the rewards and build a trust-based relationship with your customers.

2. Use customer segmentation for bonuses

Another great foundation for reward strategies – and a time-tested process in marketing – is customer segmentation. Once done, it helps operators unlock virtually infinite ways of personalising their players’ journeys. Thus, making sure both parties get a profit out of the relationship.

Different player segments call for different rewards. That is why giving to VIPs loyalty bonuses like a low-value free spin might do more harm than good. That kind of player probably wants to get a validation of their value. Giving them a bonus adjusted to their worth is a great way to do it.

3. Synchronize rewards with the player’s life-cycle stage

User retention is not the kind of goal that you can just achieve, mark as a success and forget about it. It’s a continuously shifting target, but the beauty of it is that it will keep on pushing operators to get better and better and up the entertainment they offer to players.

One way to go about it and tie it to the above-mentioned customer segmentation is to match the reward to the player’s life-cycle stage.

There’s no set-in-stone way of making sure the players you attracted stay with you. You need to keep on testing methods. See what works and what not. Scout the industry for best practices and remember that, as the times change, so should your strategies.

4. Gamification of bonuses

We’ve mentioned how newcomers will probably need a different approach than veterans. But there’s also an important element to include for any category: a gamification layer to your bonuses.

Get on the right foot from the beginning with the newly attracted customers by tailoring for them missions that get them engaged from the first moments. For the players that have been with your website for a while, tournaments with leader boards might do the trick – they can get rewards and crowd recognition.

Gamification is the spice to the entertainment your games offer. And, it doubles the rewards players can get at no extra costs for operators. Not only do they win a free spin or free bet, but also a high spot on the leader board. An unlocked mission or a level-up.

5. Up the in-play incentivisation

You can tailor and test the most engaging customer journeys. Plus, create reward paths for your established player segments employing in-play incentivization.

A few ways to do that can include creating milestones for the players to reach in order to get rewards or introducing frequent-player points that can be spent on free spins, free bets or tournament paths.

Another good option is to give the player some degree of free choice. For instance, selecting between several challenges the one they want, then following a certain path based on that.

6. Pick the right tool for your rewards strategy

From task automatization that reduces operational costs to getting all the player data you need to apply your strategies, a well-executed bonus system can take operators a long way. And that is why you should make sure you select one that ticks the right boxes with what it can do.

EveryMatrix built its BonusEngine product with the goal of delivering to operators a control panel for their player rewards. Synchronized to the EveryMatrix casino and sportsbook iGaming platforms; it works with them to provide operators with all the data they need to match the right reward with the right player.

BonusEngine acts like a single point of control. Streamlining the process and allowing brands to focus on their marketing, not on repetitive operational tasks.

Alongside all of that, it can be easily integrated with any PAM. Moreover, its modular architecture gives it a high flexibility. Already a strong tool for providing bonuses for casino & sports betting, as well as a seamless experience across wallets and vendors, BonusEngine also has the capacity to constantly add new features or adapt to the evolving needs of iGaming operators.


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