9 Chinese arrested in illegal online gambling bust

Posted: Sep 03, 2020 15:32 Category: Asia , Posted by Maria Debrincat

Police in China’s Heilongjiang Province have busted an online gambling ring, involving total funds of over 2 billion yuan

After 5 months of long-term operations Heilongjiang Province Daqing City Public Security Bureau in China, successfully cracked down on a illegal online gambling gang.

9 individuals involved in the case were arrested. Police officers seized mobile phones, more than 20 computers, over 10 bank cards and over 10 million yuan.

China sends police officers for joint patrol in Croatia - China PlusLast March 2020, the Longfeng Branch got the clue that someone used a mobile app software for online gambling. This clue caused the Longfeng Branch to attach great importance to the case and immediately set up a task force ready for investigation. 30 elite police force officers carried out this case.

Under the support and guidance of the relevant departments of Daqing Public Security Bureau, a clear hierarchy and mature gambling black industrial chain surfaced.

The officers successfully figured out the gang’s backbone members, server location and operating model amongst other details.

At present, the suspects are Li, Wang, Gao, Gong, Chen, Zhao, Gao, Li, Xue as well as 4 other people who have been placed in administrative detention.

The criminal gang started back in May 2018, using servers based in Hong Kong. A Beijing company was used to control the gambling site through the recruitment of different agents developing offline implementation of illegal online gambling and criminal activities. This case is under further investigation.

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