A new approach to acquisition and retention

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Joe Hall, Founder, and CEO of Gift & Go, says the key to engaging players is in offering personalised incentives and rewards that go beyond bonuses

Acquisition and retention are two areas where operators – both land-based and online – compete fiercely with their rivals. The key, of course, is standing out by offering something that is different but also provides genuine value to the player.

Joe Hall, Founder, and CEO of Gift & Go.

This can be difficult when most operators look to bonusing as a way of engaging new customers and also rewarding those that keep coming back for more. But the long-term impact of bonuses on engagement can be limited, especially as regulations around bonuses continue to tighten.

This means operators need to look for new ways to incentivise players to sign up for their brands or walk through their casino doors and then keep them. This means looking at acquisition and retention in a totally different way.

Gift & Go gives casinos a way to stand out. Instead of the same old rewards players can get anywhere else, we ditch traditional incentives and give them the freedom to choose their own rewards with real, infinite choice.

We are able to offer this by integrating seamlessly with Amazon Business to harness the power of Amazon Prime to let casinos, and their players, select from millions of different reward options.

Operators can also customise rewards – by size, type, colour, etc – with immediate delivery using Amazon’s global distribution network. Personalisation is an industry buzzword right now, but this is true personalisation on the deepest level.

An individual approach to loyalty and rewards:

This individual approach to incentivising players, combined with the unlimited choice, keeps them playing. This is because they see the huge range of rewards on offer and want to make multiple selections – so long as they keep playing and earning loyalty points, they can do just that.

Of course, there are benefits to the operator, too. Gift & Go helps with both acquisition and retention because it streamlines operations and improves efficiency by eliminating stock holding and warehousing to deliver big cost savings.

We also simplify the redemption process and loyalty store experiences with no need for developers and, of course, reduce the time and effort needed to ship gifts with Amazon handling all fulfilment and customer service.

Gamifying rewards, incentives, and loyalty:

Gamification is an increasingly important part of any player reward and incentive experience, and this is something that we are incredibly focused on.

The Gift & Go platform gives casinos a range of options for every player acquisition and retention campaign they run, including sweepstakes and giveaways to fully integrated loyalty programs with multiple levels for players to climb.

We also offer a number of wins/lose gamification themes including spin to win, raffles, and scratch cards all of which are highly effective ways for casinos to provide top quality, highly personalised reward experiences while still limiting the number of winners.

This in turn allows casinos to open up their acquisition and retention campaigns to much wider audiences and demographics, increasing the number of players they can target, win and keep.

Online and offline are different but gifting is gifting:

Online and land-based casinos are very different worlds and they each have their own customer segments representing different forms of value.

Online gifting is simple; everyone is used to selecting a gift online and entering their delivery information. There’s a certain level of expectation when it comes to the user experience, and the key here is delivering on that.

Gift & Go focuses on a simple, streamlined redemption process and mirrors the Amazon eCommerce shopping experience so both players and casino managers intuitively know how to find and select the rewards they want.

In offline markets, we integrate our technology directly into physical POS, terminals, kiosks, and slot machines on the casino floor. By integrating the gifting redemption experience directly into physical casino machines, we add big benefits to offline operators.

It also delivers a better experience to players, too. They never need to leave their machine to select their rewards, and they’ll find the perfect gift waiting at home when they return, delivered straight to their door.

We believe this approach to incentives and rewards really does allow operators to stand out and offer a truly personal experience to players. This in turn allows them to take acquisition and retention to the next level and ultimately win the battle for share of the wallet.

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