A vision for the future: SiGMA 2020 in Manila

Posted:: Dec 01, 2020 16:58 Category: Casino , Events , Land-Based , Online , Posted by Eman Pulis

In SiGMA Magazine issue 10, Eman Pulis Founder of SiGMA Group, writes about SiGMA setting its sights on the east for 2020

The fast-approaching summer season is a reminder of how quickly time flies by when you’re enjoying what you do. Building the SiGMA brand over the last 6 years has been a labour of love, and as it continues to bear the sweet fruits of success, we’re reinvesting our triumphs into new ventures.  

Manila-2As part of an ambitious expansion plan to delve into a wider tech ecosystem, SiGMA has set its sights on the east, with new offices opening in Dubai, Manila and Hong Kong. As we move further into the second quarter of 2019 I’ll be exploring the immense promise this market has to offer from a permanent base in Dubai.  

Manila is a location which offers all the right kind of ingredients for a company easing out of its start-up phase and looking to stretch its legs. While other companies like Clarion are making a success of the west, with events like ICE North America doing well, we felt there was a vacuum in Asia that would fit us nicely. As a result, we’re launching SiGMA Manila in 2020, the perfect opportunity to bring European companies closer to Asia and to capitalise on the growing interest in the market. Ultimately we hope to shine a spotlight on the huge potential the east has for the iGaming industry, bringing value to both east and west. 

It is off the back of hard-won experience that SiGMA has continued to flourish, exploring untapped avenues of business as the company widened its scope and vision. Lifted by early achievements, SiGMA has expanded its operations to become a world-class event. A marked interest shown by global policy makers, thought leaders and industry-renowned businesses has made this show more than a sum of its parts – it is this kind of international support that has helped propel SiGMA into truly becoming the world’s iGaming village.  

Through a commitment to quality and years of successful operations, SiGMA has nurtured the development of a strong brand, allowing for its evolution into a global influencer on the iGaming world stage. It is with this worldwide vision that company plans for 2020 will focus on building a presence in Asia and laying down roots as we settle in to our new global role.  

Manila 9999SiGMA will also focus on strengthening core events on its home turf and on the smooth running of the inaugural opening of the Emirates A.I & Blockchain Summit.  

In 2019, a fast-growing technology scene will see the Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit up its game, hosting two major shows in the same year and adding new verticals into its remit. The show aims to attract a truly global crowd of exhibitors by boosting its offering to include A.I., Quantum Tech, IoT and Big Data. Expected to attract over a thousand investors to Maltese shores, the summit will serve as a model of excellence for next year’s Emirates A.I. and Blockchain Summit. 

Hoping to emulate the success of sister acts, SiGMA, and the Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit, the newly launched Medical Cannabiz World will be held back-to-back with our November blockchain event, offering a window into the value-laden investment opportunities that medicinal cannabis can provide.  

Last but not least – our many thanks. Our achievements are in no small part due to the encouragement and support we’ve received over the years, it is your faith in us that has inspired us to think outside the box. The revolutionary potential of these newly emerging industries lies tantalisingly close and we are committed to shining a spotlight on their success. We’re moving onwards and upwards – so watch this space! 

About SiGMA Europe:

SiGMA Europe will take place on February 16-18, 2021. Europe remains a leading market for gaming, making this the perfect opening gaming show for 2021.  Join us for the 7th edition of SiGMA at the MFCC – Malta Fairs & Conventions Centre, and explore how you can benefit from being a delegate, a sponsor, an exhibitor or a keynote speaker.

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