ACAC proposes the introduction of eSports throughout Alberta’s colleges

Posted: Nov 05, 2020 15:30 Category: Americas , Esports , Posted by Content Team

The Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference is looking at the possibility of adding eSports to their colleges

The acceptance to consider eSports as a form of traditional sport has always been a point of debateHowever, the stigma against eSports has not effected the popularity of the sport. In 2019 alone, eSports estimated that viewership amounted to more than 450 million while revenue is set to report an increase of over $1 billion. 

The steady increase in popularity has already changed the views of many countries, who are now actively working to create a structured model which recognises the sport as a viable career option. Additionally, with COVID-19 having such an impact on traditional sports, the popularity of eSports may benefit from this, pushing it to the next level.

The ACAC is looking at the possibility of introducing eSports. It is made up of 17 colleges across Alberta, including Grande Prairie Regional College. The organization recently partnered with the Alberta eSports Association (AESA) to help associate with seeing if eSports in post-secondary sports could become a reality. 

“We’ve been talking about it for a number of years in the ACAC about the growth of eSports,” said 0Mark Kosak (pictured), the CEO of the ACAC. 

“It’s popular amongst our demographic and I guess you could credit COVID-19 for something good, because it’s somewhat served as a catalyst for us to advance this a little bit further and see what’s the actual interest amongst our students, and is this a sport we should consider offering in the ACAC.” 

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