AffPapa and Satbet unveil brand-new partnership

Jake Graves 2 months ago
AffPapa and Satbet unveil brand-new partnership

AffPapa is excited to introduce its latest partnership with Satbet, the acclaimed gambling operator.

Satbet is one of India’s leading gambling operators, offering local gambling enthusiasts a set of standout experiences. As the Indian gambling market continues to grow, Satbet has been able to take advantage of the opportunities offered by it to solidify itself as the go-to gambling website for a wide range of players.

The Head of Promotions at Satbet, Christopher D Souza, commented:

“We are excited to announce our exciting partnership with AffPapa, the cutting-edge platform that empowers us to connect with a vast array of new affiliates! As pioneers in the industry, SATBET deeply understands the pivotal role of collaborating with the right partners, and AffPapa’s seamless interface and adaptability to technological advancements have left us truly impressed. With this incredible opportunity, we’re assured of reaching new heights together, revolutionizing the iGaming sector like never before!”

AffPapa’s Head of Commercials, Yeva Avagyan, commented:

“As we continue growing our directory of some of the best iGaming firms, we are excited to welcome our latest operator partner, Satbet. Their outstanding offerings have enabled our partner to solidify themselves as a leading iGaming operator that delivers market-leading experiences for players. We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.”

The operator offers its expansive player base a set of engaging experiences, which include everything from traditional casino games to live dealer titles. Combined with the website’s top-notch payment options, Satbet is able to achieve market-leading conversion rates. AffPapa-registered affiliates are more than welcome to get in touch with the company via our platform to establish a working relationship with its team.

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