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Posted: Apr 06, 2022 14:54 Posted by Maria Debrincat
Category: Casino, Sponsored,
Posted: Apr 06, 2022 14:54 Category: Casino, Sponsored, Posted by Maria Debrincat

AffPapa is the ultimate directory where iGaming operators meet affiliates – a directory everyone in the industry is starting to become a part of

1000+ affiliates and 150+ operators registered on its directory, including countless media partners and industry members – this is what AffPapa’s hard work has resulted in less than 2 years. Companies like Betsson Group Affiliates, Stars Affiliate Club, STS Gaming, Campeon Affiliates, LeoVegas, PariMatch, Ladbrokes, Raketech, and many more have joined the family and helped AffPapa grow over time.

So why are most of the “big players” in the iGaming industry turning to AffPapa when it comes to making connections, developing long-term partnerships, and boosting their brand recognition in the industry?

AffPapa - directory for iGaming affiliates and operators

Many features make AffPapa one-of-a-kind and this article will break down all the key factors: from what it has to offer to all the benefits iGaming affiliates and operators can reap off of the directory.

AffPapa vs. Affiliate Networks

Before we go any further, let’s clarify what distinguishes AffPapa from an Affiliate Network. AffPapa brings together iGaming affiliates and operators for a one-on-one collaboration with no third-party intervention.

This means that you interact with your partners on your own terms, using AffPapa’s internal messaging. In contrast to Affiliate Networks, AffPapa does not charge any additional costs for linking operators to affiliates. Operators that join AffPapa gain direct access to affiliates with extensive information about them.

With its advanced tools and filters, AffPapa makes it extremely easy to search for and uncover the best and most unique deals on the market.

AffPapa iGaming operators page

Many experts believe that iGaming is essentially the future of the gaming industry. As the industry grows, so do its challenges and expectations. With the number of connections, insights, and offers available – not to mention new possibilities that are being discovered on a daily basis – it can become challenging for existing and new industry members to stay up-to-date on everything.

So let us get started and see how AffPapa helps overcome these challenges.

Keeping up with iGaming

iGaming News is a section where you’ll find all the major industry events and trends: everything to do with casino, poker, sports betting, and the overall iGaming industry.

Having over 30 affiliates joining AffPapa every month, operators receive an email listing the affiliates who have joined and vice versa. Newsletters are sent to registered users and opt-in subscribers – weekly. AffPapa has over 5,300 subscribers, with 70% of them being affiliates and operators. Newsletters include the latest industry events and insights, as well as banner placements, press releases, and promotional content. AffPapa users have the opportunity to be featured here and reach out to their target audience right away.

Guidance through articles

Moving on to guiding both parties in the process of signing deals, we have “iGaming Questions” – original articles, with top Google rankings, answering all of the iGaming-related questions: from how and where to generate gambling traffic, to how to set up a commission plan and avoid being swindled. Top casino affiliates, iGaming B2B providers, and many more are covered in this section with all the necessary insights.

AffPapa_iGaming B2B Providers

NOTE: AffPapa continuously features its registered affiliates and operators in its articles – a fantastic method of obtaining industry exposure.

Exclusive offers & collections

With sections like the Best iGaming Affiliates and Best iGaming Operators, AffPapa has made it super simple to choose from a pre-selected list of the top industry members ranked, giving a well-deserved exposure to those who tick the required boxes off and prove to be excellent partners.

Continuing the chain of recognizing those who have performed well, AffPapa will be holding its first ever iGaming Awards very soon. We’ll leave it here for now with the Awards, but stay tuned for all the details – it’s sure to be something special.

Moving on, the Casino Affiliate Programs page is the ultimate and most convenient source to find what you’re looking for. With its advanced filters, all that is left for you to do is choose your preferred casino affiliate programs and contact them directly through the AffPapa website. If you are unsure which one is the right fit for you and need guidance before you choose the affiliate program you want to work with, we recommend you check out our Casino Affiliate Programs in 2022 article.

If you’re interested in Casino Affiliate Programs, you will surely not want to miss out on the exclusive iGaming offers (up to 70% commission) from the leading affiliate programs like STS Affiliates, BC.Game, 888Starz, and many more.

AffPapa_Offers for iGaming Affiliates page

Showcasing and promoting

AffPapa prioritizes promoting and introducing affiliates and operators to each other through various contents. iGaming Reviews and iGaming Interviews both serve the same purpose: to introduce users to different iGaming companies and the teams that work behind the scenes. In the reviews we go through websites in a video/ article format, answering questions about commission rates, registration process, etc. The interviews take a different route on a more personal level—companies share their insights, industry challenges, and uncover how they got to where they are now.

iGaming events help keep the wheels of the industry turning. It’s a fantastic opportunity to network with industry members and introduce your brand and products to them. Since AffPapa has always made facilitating industry member interactions its mission, it couldn’t resist creating an opportunity for its users to easily look for events according to their needs and get ready for new experiences!

From point A to point Z, AffPapa, as you can see, makes sure to provide its users with the full package. The iGaming directory has surely grown significantly over the last two years, and it is continually striving to expand with the purpose of always offering exceptional service. Both operators and affiliates have been pleased with the high level of services AffPapa provides, as well as its non-interference in the process of discussing and signing deals.

So, if you’ve made it this far in the article, all that is left is for you to visit the website, register, and begin your journey toward boosting your brand and reach with AffPapa.

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