Alea’s key to becoming Number One aggregator

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Alea’s key to becoming Number One aggregator

Alea has achieved success by staying true to its values of excellence and innovation. Starting in Europe and expanding to Latin America (LatAm), Alea has consistently provided top-quality service and a unique approach to gaming that sets it apart from competitors.

Alea’s Growth in Europe and LatAm

Alea’s growth is due to its commitment to quality and innovation. In Europe, Alea is known for its reliable and excellent gaming platform, offering a wide variety of games to meet the diverse preferences of gamers. This dedication to service and understanding client needs has been crucial to its success.

In LatAm, Alea’s success comes from adapting to local markets. By tailoring its offerings to the preferences of LatAm players, Alea has gained a loyal client base and become a leader in the region. Strategic partnerships and content sharing have been key to providing a rich gaming experience that appeals to players.

Alea’s participation in the SiGMA Asia show marked its entry into the Asian market. This event showcased Alea’s global reputation for excellent service and adaptability to different gaming cultures. Business Director Anna Ghazaryan stated, “The next big thing is Asia. We have long-term clients in Asia, and now it’s time to explore the market and provide localized content.”

Building Strong Partnerships for Global Success

Alea’s strength lies in forming strong partnerships and delivering custom content for each market. This is echoed by Filip Wargéus, CCO & co-founder of Print Studios, who has been working with Alea for over two years. “What sets Alea really apart for me, apart from the technology, is the service and the people working there. They’re a joy to work with, and we never had any issues getting games live or distribution wide,” he shared.

Alea continues to focus on excellent service, adaptability, and partnerships as it expands globally. With a strong foundation in Europe and LatAm and a promising future in Asia, Alea is set to become a global leader in casino game aggregation, bringing top gaming content to players worldwide.

SiGMA East Europe, Budapest, September 2024

Looking ahead, the gaming industry will shift its focus to Eastern Europe this September with the SiGMA East Europe Summit 2024 in Budapest.

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