An analysis on COVID-19 cases around the globe from March to December

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An analysis on COVID-19 cases around the globe from March to December

In this exclusive series of SiGMA X Alidad Tash, in this episode the managing director of 2NT8 Limited compares cases around the globe focusing on the US, EU and Non-EU


Every continent has felt the wrath of the notorious virus with several lockdowns and restrictions being implemented around the world. These restraints have certainly affected a number of industries, especially the gaming industry. Land-based casinos have been hit the hardest as they are not able to operate at full capacity, if they could operate at all. Having said that, this has paved the way for online gaming to establish itself and its popularity has certainly grown during the pandemic.

Watch Alidad Tash talk about the effect of COVID on the industry below: 


In this video Alidad Tash analyses a number of trends throughout the months where the pandemic has hit its peak utilising metrics such as “Total and per million COVID-19 cases”, “New cases per million population” and total weekly cases by European countries + the US.

We can initially see that when it comes to total COVID-19 cases the US are clearly ahead compared to the EU and Non-US countries but when it hits November, Europe are suddenly very close behind. This indicates that the second wave of the virus in the EU was worse than its first wave.

Fortunately, both of these continents are slowly recovering, which cannot be said for Non-EU countries as their trend continues to rise.

European countries dominate the “COVID-19 cases per million population by Nation” with 21 out of 22 countries all from the EU with the USA coming in fifth.

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