An overview of the Scandinavian gambling industry

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While the three countries of Scandinavia, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, tend to be similar on many accounts, there are still a lot of notable differences between them

When it comes to gambling, the countries have different approaches to rules and regulations. It is worth getting to know these differences, if you have an interest in gambling in Scandinavia.

Like much of the rest of the world, the Scandinavian countries all experience a piqued interest in online gambling. The convenience of being able to play your favourite games from your own home and laptop, tablet or smartphone, makes it much easier to find the time to play. There is therefore also a growth of online casinos in these countries.

Besides belonging to Scandinavia, the three countries also fall into the Nordic countries category. These countries have been seen to be among the most profitable in the European iGaming business. The countries are additionally likely to approach technology in similar ways. But what are the actual differences when it comes to gambling in the three countries?

Gambling in Norway

Norway-2Out of the three, Norway is definitely the strictest when it comes to rules about gambling. The most popular types of gambling in the country are number games, scratch cards, betting and harness racing.

Gambling platforms in Norway are regulated by the state. Only two companies are allowed to operate and offer gambling to the citizens. These are Norsk Rikstoto and Norsk Tipping. These companies are set up to ensure the profits are channelled back into the society. This means that profits from Norsk Tipping are passed on to the cultural and sport sectors.

Just like most other modern countries, the interest in online betting is growing rapidly. There is a variety of online casinos available in the country, and many of best ones can be found through Casinospesialisten.net. These casinos are operating under Norsk Tipping.

Norsk Rikstoto is only focused on horse racing and is therefore a smaller part of the Norwegian gambling industry.

Even if the regulations are strict in Norway, the Norwegian citizens still have a wide variety of games and ways of gambling. There are, however, only few providers.

Gambling in Sweden

swedenWithin Scandinavia, Sweden is at the opposite end of the spectrum to Norway. With the most liberal approach to gambling out of the three countries, Sweden is also one of the top driving forces in Europe, when it comes to online casinos.

With the development of technology, new providers and operators in the gambling industry are quickly appearing. It is necessary for countries to keep up with these developments through their regulations. This is something that Sweden has managed to do. With the Swedish Gambling Act from January 2019, all operators are required to follow the rules stated.

Any company interested in starting an online casino or any other type of gambling service will have to operate under a Swedish license. Additionally, any kind of lottery, sport betting, online casino or other practice with money at stake is going to be regulated by the Swedish Gambling Authority. This is where to go to get a license. The Gambling Authority will thoroughly assess a company’s credentials in order to determine whether it is suited for gambling services.

It may sound like Sweden has a strict approach to gambling, but compared to its neighbours, it’s is the most open one.

Gambling in Denmark

denmarkWith Norway and Sweden respectively being the strictest and most liberal gambling countries of Scandinavia, Denmark is somewhere in between. Denmark passed a Gambling Act back in 2012 which states the regulations that are in place. This Act has been updated occasionally since it was passed.

Before 2012, Danske Spil was the only licensed gambling company available to the Danish citizens Today, there is a wider variety of suppliers within the categories of online casino games as well as sport betting. These suppliers obviously have to follow the Gambling Act in order to be licensed.

Even though there are more options to choose from within casinos and sport betting, Danske Spil still has the monopoly when it comes to keno, horse racing, bingo, lotteries as well as other similar games. Other companies are unable to get licenses for these types of gambling services.

Like in many other countries, the Danes have started going online to bet and play. The convenience of playing from your own home or anywhere else makes gambling much more accessible. This works well with the busy daily lifestyle of many Danes.

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