ANJL’s Cardia talks responsible gaming and economic impact during SiGMA Americas

Shirley Pulis Xerxen 11 months ago
ANJL’s Cardia talks responsible gaming and economic impact during SiGMA Americas

SiGMA’s Maria Debrincat recently sat down Wesley Cardia, Director General of the National Lottery and Gaming Association (ANJL) in Brazil, for an interview during SiGMA Brazil 2023 Summit to discuss recent trends in the industry , responsible gaming and economic impact.

Speaking during an exclusive interview during the recent SiGMA Regional Summit in Brazil, Cardia noted that the formidable growth of the summit over the previous year was testament to the potential that Brazil offers to companies looking to establish themselves in the region.

Talking during the recent developments and trends that ANJL has been working on, Cardia emphasizes that working towards a regulated market is a top priority. One strategy that the new Association has adopted is to look at regulation “best practices” from other countries, which, Cardia adds, “we can bring to Brazil especially now that we are working on a legislation for the regulation of betting in Brazil”. They have done so successfully, as in a short time they have become the voice for the industry in Brazil.

Responsible gaming

Other urgent matters that are on the table for ANJL are controlling match fixing by adopting procedures and using software that will help combat the problem. Another issue that will be prominent in the new legislation will be the prevention of minors playing. Additionally, Cardia says that they want to bring a change in mentality where sports betting ceases to be seen as an alternative to make a living. The perception towards sports betting should become, he says, “a kind of amusement, of entertainment”. ANJL is also working hard to implement strategies that help gambling addicts and possibly prevent them from participating in sports betting in Brazil.

Economic Impact

Cardia says that sports betting in Brazil, a country of 213 million inhabitants who enjoy betting, has the potential to have a positive economic impact. He says that in spite of betting traditions that are a century old, Brazil, for instance, has no casinos. Once regulated, the market has enormous potential for job creation and tax collection.

The National Association of Games and Lotteries, ANJL, was launched in March 2023 with the aim of defending the interests of the sector and the interlocutor of sports betting and lottery companies with the government and Congress. Sports betting became legal in Brazil in 2018.

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