Unfairly confiscated money returned to players

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Unfairly confiscated money returned to players

AskGamblers marks an incredible milestone by returning $40 million to AskGamblers players

AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service has just recovered $40 million in unfairly confiscated money to players, marking an incredible milestone. Just recently, the AGCCS released its official, annual report for 2020, announcing it helped over $6,084,575.42 go back to players in 2020! Other than the staggering $40,000,000, this number was yet another occasion to celebrate.

Year after year, AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service team keeps outdoing itself with phenomenal results. While unfair player treatment is not too uncommon in the online gambling industry, the AGCCS always shows up to deliver solutions and fix potential injustice. As the money gets returned to players, the Complaint Service’s balance grows. Only last year at the beginning of 2020, AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service hit over $30 million in recovered money, once again proving itself worthy of player trust. Today, the number is $10 million higher, rounding at the total of $40 million of unpaid, delayed or unfairly confiscated money returned to players!

With such an incredible achievement now officially confirmed, we would love to thank all of the players who have been trusting us for years and using our AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service. If it weren’t for our players’ undivided confidence in getting what they had asked us to do, the AGCCS team wouldn’t be as effective, and successful as it is – for years on end. We encourage even more iGaming enthusiasts to turn to us whenever they feel wronged by an online casino.

Whoever is interested in acquiring more information on the Casino Complaint Service team accomplishments for 2020, they can do so on our website by reading a detailed AGCCS 2020 stats report. Until then, we celebrate the astonishing success – the total of $40,039,875 returned to 14,347 players!

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