Atari to launch online crypto casino built around “Atari-themed games”

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Atari to launch online crypto casino built around “Atari-themed games”

The company partnered up with Decentral Games for a crypto casino aimed to launch this May

Atari, the gaming company behind the iconic Pacman, Asteroids and Pong has partnered with Decentral games to deliver a fully custom Atari casino in the virtual gaming world of Decentraland. This partnership was announced earlier this year and will see both companies develop a virtual-world cryptocurrency casino.

Atari GamesThe new casino, based on Decentral Games’ tech, will feature Atari-themed games including an Atari Special game based on skill and players can earn Decentral Games’ native token ($DG) by playing with MANA (+23.8%), DAI (0%) and Atari tokens.

In an announcement issued, CEO of Atari Group Frederic Chesnais stated “Through collaborating with Decentral Games, we can move the Atari gaming experience onto the blockchain.”

Decentral games claim that holders of its native DG token and the Decentral gaming community will greatly benefit from the incoming Atari Casino.

Around 88% of the profit will be allocated to its DG DAO Treasury.

Last month the DG DAO Treasury is reported to have grown from $1.8 million to $2.4 million.

Atari is known as a globally recognised brand that transcends generations and audiences and for its multi-platform, interactive entertainment and licensed products.

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