Australia: Parliamentary inquiry set to evaluate gambling regulatory environment launched

Maria Debrincat 1 year ago
Australia: Parliamentary inquiry set to evaluate gambling regulatory environment launched

The Australian government has started an investigation led by Labour MP Peta Murphy into the effects of online gambling on those who have gambling-related harms.

A parliamentary inquiry in Australia will seek to assess the effectiveness of the current gambling regulatory regime. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, this inquiry will tour the nation to interview those who have been addicted to online gambling.

The investigation, which might lead to changes in government policy, will look at how well the laws in place regarding online gaming and advertising, sponsorship and branding and social media advertising, are working.

Peta Murphey
Australian Labour MP Peta Murphy.

Labour MP Peta Murphy, who serves as chair of the lower house’s standing committee on social policy, will be in charge of the inquiry.

Murphy explained that the purpose of the parliamentary inquiry is to reduce problem gambling and see if it can be prevented before it appears, rather than to outright ban gambling.

Murphy in parliament said, that a further crackdown on gambling advertising during sporting events is necessary.

She will also examine whether or not simulated gambling in video games ought to be curbed.

The advent of “loot boxes,” where players are encouraged by games to pay real or virtual money to access certain surprises like weaponry for the game itself, has alarmed parents and academics.

Speaking about this topic, Murphy said that while she doesn’t play video games herself, people often mention these in-games things that resemble gambling and are simple for children to access.

The federal government is also being pressured to take tougher action against gambling companies. This pressure comes from individuals like longtime anti-gambling campaigner Andrew Wilkie and teal independent Zoe Daniel, who demanded an investigation into the promotion of sports gambling.

Daniel claimed that the federal government is facing a serious problem if children are talking about sports betting “multis,” sports betting apps on their smartphones, and even wagering on the outcome of the federal election.

Submissions will start being taken in as of November, and any strong suggestions will be forwarded to the government and Social Affairs Minister Amanda Rishworth for consideration before hearing directly from those who have developed a gambling addiction and their close ones the following year.


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