Aviator Hits 5 Million Monthly Active Players

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Aviator Hits 5 Million Monthly Active Players

With the modern casino player demanding a little more bang for their entertainment buck, we take a look at how Spribe’s flagship Turbo Game has managed to rule the skies at online casinos worldwide.

If you’ve been keeping up with the current trends in online casinos, you’ll no doubt be aware that these days, players require a bit more than new iterations of the same tried and tested bonus features to hold their attention. While online video slots still account for a huge share of the market, it’s hard to ignore the growing popularity of Turbo Games and the unique gameplay elements that they provide.

One software provider that’s all too aware of this fact is Spribe, who have made it their mission to disrupt the online casino industry by providing a user experience quite unlike any other. Best known for their popular “Crash” game, Aviator, the studio has enjoyed unprecedented success in recent months, with the game now ranking as the top-grossing title on a number of leading platforms.

Indeed, thanks to the increasing demand for Turbo Games among newer casino audiences, Aviator recently hit a major milestone by boasting 5 million monthly active players worldwide. This impressive landmark was hit due to a combination of factors – most notably the game’s simple yet intuitive mechanic and the built-in social features that have seen it build up a dedicated community following.

Each betting round in Aviator follows a relatively straightforward premise. Players are asked to select their stake and watch as a virtual plane takes flight. As the plane travels, a prize multiplier steadily increases, but if it flies away entirely, the round is over and the bet is lost. As such, the skill in Aviator lies in players balancing risk versus reward and picking the perfect moment to cash out their winnings.

With this giving them far more control over the outcome of each betting round than they’d have on a traditional video slot, this interactive element means the game has particular appeal to the Millennial/Generation Y audience, most of whom have encountered similar mechanics in the mobile games they’ve grown up playing.

This, coupled with an in-game live chat option that lets them interact with one another and share wins, has seen Aviator really strike a chord with the modern casino player. Another important aspect of Aviator’s rapid rise to prominence is the game’s lightweight build and immense scalability. Designed with an intuitive UI that’s perfect for mobile, the game is capable of handling in excess of 2,000 bets each round, making it ideal for casinos that experience a high volume of traffic at peak times.

The game’s fast-paced nature also gives it widespread appeal, with players able to enjoy multiple rounds in each hour of their session or simply log on for a quick couple of flights.

Currently live at a range of online casinos across the U.K., Europe, South America and Africa – and with many more on the roadmap for Q4 2022 and beyond – it looks like a safe bet that Aviator will continue to build on this huge number of monthly active users in future. If that proves to be the case, it won’t be long before the iconic virtual plane leaves the skies entirely and plots a course for the stars instead.

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