Bazoom and SiGMA: Writing new pages in Link Building history

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Bazoom and SiGMA: Writing new pages in Link Building history

Link building is an ever-changing and complex field, which is why staying on top of the latest trends and developments is essential for anyone who wants to be successful at it.

For us to scale our link building activities, there was no doubt that Bazoom was the right one to partner up with.

Who is Bazoom?

In a rapidly growing world of link building, Bazoom is more than a link building platform. They pride themselves on being one of the top SaaS companies, offering a full service platform for link building, and being a trustworthy partner in connecting media and clients. What sets Bazoom apart and at the top of competition is that they always value one to one contact with the customers.

Bazoom and SiGMA – the link minded partners

We are a gaming festival that has chosen Bazoom as our go-to partner for link building. This cooperation with Bazoom is a perfect match for us, as they can help scale with the pace we seek. With Bazoom we can take a safe road to success with the high-quality links they provide.
When working with Bazoom, we get access to the best platform in the link building business, securing unique content creation, administration and media relationships. Bazoom prides in offering exclusive partnership for each and every one of their clients, with various benefits from having free access to the platform, browsing through reliable media, to having over 60 experts working on your behalf.

Why Bazoom?

One of the reasons to choose Bazoom is they have a team of experienced link builders who know how to get links from high-quality websites no matter if the target is USA, Sweden, Brazil or Japan. The access to +73.000 media from all over the world is giving us the perfect conditions to continuously increase the rankings across the markets.
According to Bazoom records, nearly 99% of articles they wrote so far are approved, and by the end the year 2022 the number of published articles is coming close to 34.000. It is no surprise that Bazoom is trusted by more than 3000 customers worldwide, with that number rapidly growing. We are more than happy to be part of this experience.

The king of content

Bazoom has a long lasting habit of tailoring all kinds of customer requests. They are completely capable of matching our needs.
Bazoom delivers a full hassle-free service, including a link building experience, with the choice of content creation, backlinks and content publication. Essentially, Bazoom is a one-stop-shop for everything you need for success in the link building jungle.
Access to their platform is free, and they above all else value personal and long-lasting customer relationships with both media and clients.

Our future cooperation with Bazoom

Since Bazoom’s expertise lies in link building, content creation, media relations and administration, we can rest assured that we will have the best all-inclusive experience.

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