“Besides selling products or services, companies are selling a feeling” – Clinton Sparks headlines SiGMA Americas

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“Besides selling products or services, companies are selling a feeling” – Clinton Sparks headlines SiGMA Americas

At the SiGMA Americas and BiS Summit in Sao Paulo, Brazil, renowned entertainment mogul Clinton Sparks delivered a keynote address on the importance of connecting companies to culture in the right way.

Connecting companies to culture

Clinton Sparks, a successful entrepreneur with a wealth of knowledge on the entertainment industry, shared his expertise on building an authentic audience and differentiating oneself in a crowded market.

Sparks began by emphasizing the challenge faced by many companies today: standing out from the competition and connecting with their target audience. He passionately stated, “In a world where numerous companies offer similar products and services, it is essential to understand how to build the right audience, market effectively, and truly resonate with customers.”

Highlighting the emotional aspect of business, Sparks explained, “Companies are not just selling products or services; they are selling a feeling.” He emphasized that businesses must grasp the feeling their target audience desires, stating, “By understanding and fulfilling the emotional needs of our audience, we can sell anything to anyone.”

To truly differentiate themselves and attract their authentic audience, Sparks urged companies to find their unique value proposition.

In a highly competitive landscape, it’s challenging to sway individuals who already have their favorite brands or services. Therefore, it becomes crucial to offer something distinct or tap into a specific feeling that resonates with the audience’s unmet needs.

Sparks highlighted the importance of focusing on one’s own audience rather than chasing someone else’s. He urged companies to cultivate their own dedicated following, saying, “By delivering a feeling or experience that is different from what others offer, businesses can nurture a loyal customer base.”

While many companies strive to think outside the box, Sparks emphasized the need to first master what’s inside the box. He stated, “Understanding one’s brand, the feeling it delivers, and the unique audience it caters to are essential building blocks.” Sparks encouraged companies to establish these foundational elements before venturing into innovative marketing strategies and outside-the-box thinking.

Drawing from his own experiences, Sparks provided insights into how he built successful gaming companies, declaring, “I understood the feeling that people desire and the audience I targeted.” He stressed the importance of connecting with culture and caring about the needs of the audience to establish brands that resonated deeply with their customers.

Sparks underscored the significance of genuinely caring about the audience rather than solely focusing on making money. Sparks emphasized that authenticity is paramount, particularly with the younger generation who can discern when a company’s motives are driven solely by profit.

Building connections, nurturing relationships, and demonstrating genuine concern for customers foster loyalty and allegiance.

Understanding culture is a critical aspect of connecting with an audience, according to Sparks. He emphasized, “One cannot stand for culture if they have never immersed themselves in it.” Sparks shared a personal anecdote about an encounter in Miami, where he noticed the cultural association between the love of cars and the hip-hop community, highlighting the importance of understanding culture to effectively reach different audiences.

Who’s who – Clinton Sparks

Clinton C. Sparks, multi-talented American DJ.

Clinton C. Sparks, born on September 18, 1975, is a multi-talented American DJ, record producer, songwriter, and singer hailing from Boston, Massachusetts. Initially known for his skills as a rapper, dancer, producer, and DJ, Sparks gained recognition through his bootleg remixes and mixtapes. His success led to hosting radio shows on prominent stations such as Boston’s Hot 97.7, Baltimore’s 92Q, Hartford’s Hot 93.7, and Sirius XM’s Shade 45.

In 2018, Sparks took on the role of Director of Business Development for the esports team FaZe Clan, where he played a key role in introducing renowned hip-hop artists like Yo Gotti, DJ Paul, Pitbull, Swae Lee, and Offset to the world of esports and gaming as investors and participants. In July 2020, he transitioned to the position of Chief Business Development Officer at XSET, a gaming organisation he co-founded with Greg Selkoe, Wil Eddins, and Marco Mereu. At XSET, Sparks focuses on recruiting artists as investors and ambassadors. Notably, Swae Lee became the company’s first artist to invest in October 2020.

With his diverse background and experience, Clinton Sparks has established himself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, bridging the gap between music, gaming, and esports.

Join us tonight at the SiGMA Americas official party, sponsored by BET7, and catch Sparks headlining our star-studded line-up. With his electrifying mixes and infectious beats, Clinton Sparks will keep the energy soaring throughout the night. Don’t miss his incredible performance from 23:45 to 00:45, as he takes the stage and sets the dance floor on fire.


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